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She could very well be pregnant. Guppies can store 'genetic material' for a long time.

I prefer not to dose anything to a tank while it's cycling.. (except for granulated sugar.. 1 tsp per 10 gallons- I believe it helps a tank cycle faster... I do it to my own tanks, but I haven't done a controlled study on it.)

(To clarify- Ammo-lock doesn't add chemicals to the water, and Prime is simply a water conditioner...)

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Well the poor lil white danio died today. Let's hope he's the last for a long time.
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I am happy to report that my nitrate levels have subsided, and the nitrites are almost back to 0. I have lost no more fishies, and in fact I woke up to some guppy fry in my small tank! I counted at least 7. I was going to move the mama back into the main tank, but she's still quite fat, so I'm waiting for a bit, as my 10 gal has 4 danios who eat like little sharks. I seriously doubt any more that are born could escape them. Plus my filter in that tank is not exactly fry-friendly.

So, quick question friends, when would it be okay to add the mama back to the main tank? Is she done birthing for now? It's been a few hours since her last fry popped out.
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if you used the gravel from your turtles theres your problem

37 gal bow front (saltwater)
octopus 150 skimmer
external penguin bio wheel 150 packed with cheato
ETH 200 watt inline heater
3 power heads 500gph
in line UV sterilizer

30 gal (brackish)
bio filter
under-gravel 2 power-heads 250gph

30 gal hex (freshwater)
bio filter
under gravel 2 power heads 170gph

Who ever said keeping fish was easy should have there head examined
It's more like a full time job !!!!
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