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We must be twins. I have ich. Again. And I think it was because I dropped my temperature about a degree and a half. It's the only thing I have done differently. I can't believe this...=/

I went to check my params, 0, 0, 25, pH at the 6.2 it always is.

1 Otos, 6 Guyana Leaf Fish, 2 Malayan Leaf Fish, 1 Orange Head Tapajos, 4 Bronze Cories, 3 Peppered Cories, 2 Panda Cories, 1 Skunk Cory

3 Thread-finned Acara, 1 Jurupari, 1 Spiny Eel, 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Festivum, 1 Spotted Raphael

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Originally Posted by Angel079 View Post
They were fine for 2 weeks the QT would have fooled me too there cause I wouldn't QT new fish for 8-12 weeks neither.
They had looked bunch better last night; will go check their "looks" as soon as the lights come on today - W/c day today anyway

There are I think ,Three species of fish sold as rummy nose tetras. True rummy nose tetras are perhaps more sensitive than most of the other tetras with exception of maybe cardinals..
Given their sensitivity ,I might were it me,, (and it ain't) consider switching to water conditioner such as PRIME. I suggest this because many water condioners only address chlorine and chloramines. It is the biological filter that consumes the ammonia as you well know BUT,, until that biological filter can deal with the ammonia from chloramines at each water change, the ammonia from chloramines is free in the water.
Prime, not only takes less than a third of most water conditioners to detoxify same volume of water, it also detoxifys ammonia from chloramines. It is unclear to me how quickly the biological filter can address ammonia left from water conditioners that only break the bond of chlorine from chloramines and leave the ammonia for healthy biological filter but with sensitive fish,,perhaps the time it takes is causing stress?
I know that Prime detoxifys Chlorine,chloramines, AND ammonia almost instantly.
Might be something to consider?
In my view..Why would anyone want to use a product that left ammonia at each water change for plants or filter to consume when product such as Prime takes all the guessing from the equation/ Opinions vary.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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1077 that is correct there's the false rummy, the rummy and the fire head. I have the Hemigrammus rhodostomus (easily IDed by the nose).

I am using Prime; have been since before I stocked the Tetra tank (bought it because of being able to use more / longer Prime then ay other conditioner). I have 0 Ammonia in the Tap and all tanks same with NO2.

This AM all 5 Rummys are fine and there.....Emporer's NOT SO MUCH 2 dead (leaving me with 2 outta 5)

I'm just damn devastated and I honestly start thinking whether its my old fashion handling or something in my water I can not test for...Tetra's may not be meant for me

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