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post #21 of 34 Old 01-27-2007, 10:54 PM
i also forgot to say 3 danios is not enough, you will need at least 5, 6 would be better as if you dont have enough danios to school, they will generally be more aggressive.
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i agree about the food. after we bought our 10th fish i got paranoid about some missing out on food and starting feeding them more then i did before. do you know by chance if worms could be causeing large amounts of extra ammonia. i was feeding them small amounts of live blood worms for awhile and i know some of them escaped the fish and burrowed under the gravel (though i assumed the burrowing loach would grab most of them). after cleaning the one side of the tank i did pull out a few but now any huge amounts hideing down there.

my tank 20 gal. uses standard gravel like blueish color (you can see it in the picture). its the same stuff thats been in there since i bought it a little over a year ago. all the plants are fake. i have an air stone. 2 filters. one is a whisper 20i with a bio/mechanical/carbon filter and the other is a aquaclear mechanical/bio/ammonia reducer filter.

temp is usually around 76-77 degrees. though its been extra cold here lately so it has been on the lower side around 75-76.

didn't know that about danios needing to school. thanks for the advice. we didn't really like them at first, just kinda got them cause they were said to be very hardy but i've grown pretty attached over the past year to them.

my hospital tank for the danio is pretty small its just a gal. and i have it floating in the tank with an air stone in it. we don't really have room for anouther tank just for emergencies so thats all we could manage (i really wouldn't want to put him in my other tank with the crayfish unless i wanted him dead) should i change the water in that small a hospital tank daily?

thank you for your help btw.
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The blood worms wont cause any ammonia problem, what will cause the ammonia problem is the poop the fish makes after eating the bloodworms.

You have a good filter but your mistake is that you are using zeolite (the stuff that takes out ammonia in your filter). Instead of using this method (which you should stop using right now) is to do a large, 50% water change with no gravel vac.

You dont need to hospitalize the danios, it isnt an infecsious disease so your other fish will be fine, i would recommend a salt bath though.

Zeolite is bad since it starves the good bacteria causing you to cycle again.
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thanks for all the help musho, i appricate it

i have an unrelated question though. you have 4 ghost shrimp in your tank. do the danios not eat them? i've wanted to get some ghost shrimp but my girlfriend doesn't cause she thinks there cute and doesn't want to see them eaten by the fish.
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no my danios are way to small to eat a shrimp, the shrimp is like 2/3rds there size. Since your danios are already fully grown it still ok to get shrimp as long as you get large ones.
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yeah the ghost shrimp should be fine and will actually help clean up uneaten food from the bottom of the tank. I wouldn't think that the danios would have any interest in them at all. In fact not too many fish care all that much about ghost shrimp. I have them in with a discus that is more than big enough to eat the smaller ones and yet ignores them entirely.
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it is like nature and ghost shrimp can protect them selves from prey, thats why they are clear color causing other fish to not notice them :)
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Originally Posted by musho3210
The blood worms wont cause any ammonia problem, what will cause the ammonia problem is the poop the fish makes after eating the bloodworms.
Bloodworms still contribute to the ammonia if left uneaten. Any uneaten food can contribute to ammonia.

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but since there live they wont contribute as much as if they were dead since they arent decaying
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