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alright. i did a big water change and i'm going to hold off feedings for a day followed by reduceing what i did feed them. Also going to keep what everyone suggested about chemical PH adjusting in mind. should fish be fed daily or is every other day ok?

they all seem fine at the moment except for the one with the red spot. it looks more like a wound then a sore caused by something. it is quite red though. the fish is acting normal and is very energetic. should i try to do anything for him?

this is my first fish tank so its all new to me. like i said i've had it over a year and after a real rough start its been doing fine for the past 6 months or so till now
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I feed mine every day (or in the case of the baby angels I'm growing out several times a day...along with large water changes every day) but there seems to be a common consensus that most fish will be fine if fed every other day. I feed mine all the time due to the fact that a large majority of my fish are being prepared for future breeding and are being conditioned accordingly. I've never had fish suddenly go belly up though because they missed a feeding though. I'd suggest cutting down to every other day and just observing them to see if they show any signs of malnutrition and adjust the feeding accordingly. You may want to add some type of medication to prevent secondary infections but i'd reccomend using a hospital tank for that to avoid causing problems for the other fish by giving them unnecessary medication. Perhaps someone else can suggest a medication for you. I use malachite green for this kind of work but it can be a pretty dangerous medicine if you use too much can also stain things like the silicon seals on the tank blue or green...and the stains are practically impossible to remove.
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its a bad picture but he won't come near the front of the tank. you can kinda see the red spot
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Maybe it is from fin-nipping. If one of your fish has an open sore you can add some Melafix to your tank. If your water perameters are safe, you have added some salt and your tank is clean your fish should heal.

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got a slightly better picture

hes in a hospital tank now but hes not eating. the wound doesn't look much worse though

hes not eating but that may just be cause the stress. hes pretty much sitting in one space almost at the bottom. every once in awhile it looks like he gets a burst of energy and darts around.
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hmm im not sure but he might have gotten a burn from the heater, add some melafix to the tank and it should start to heal and it will also prevent infections, also if you have a small separate container you can give it salt dips, but ask someone else on these salt dips since im no expert. May i also ask what your ph is, danios can accept almost any range of ph (5.0-8.0)
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PH at the moment is about 6.3. which is low for my tank. then again this week the whole tank went out of wack. though the heater burn theroy is intresting cause it got extra cold here recently and the tank temp dropped almost 2 degrees. dureing that time they were all hanging out on the right side where the heater is.
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that Ph should be fine, do you use tap water? (dechlorinated tap water that is)
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yes. we treat it though with a water conditioner before putting it in the tank. we did test the tap water for PH problems at one point. don't remember the exact # but we determined the tap water itself wasn't causeing any crazy PH shifts
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ok, can you give me a run down on your tank, what gravel, what plants, what filter, what things do you add to your tank.

About the ammonia, i think you are feeding way to much food. Look at one of your fishes eye, that is around how big there stomach is. Overfeeding is very bad for your fish and tank. Take this in consideration, fish can starve for 2 weeks and not really care, some fish can eat 1 hour non stop and die.
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