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post #11 of 28 Old 03-12-2007, 06:36 PM Thread Starter
ok, im not 100% sure on internal paracite anymore. One of my ram has these really really really small red things sticking out of his anus. They slowly come out when its not moving and go in when he is moving. I was thinking Nematoda for my ram. About my danio im not so sure now, it still eats but it doesnt move unless its running away


were planning to get medication today but i dont know what to medicate with now!!!
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post #12 of 28 Old 03-12-2007, 07:09 PM Thread Starter
Ok i dont think Nematoda is the sickness my ram is having, they both seem fine now. My danio is acting more more normal now as well. I still want some answers in case this happens again. It is possible for them to act normal for one day and die the next....
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im really glad that they seem alright now. sorry i cant be of anymore help, like i said the information i gave you was just from searching online rather than actually experiencing it. seems really odd that the symptoms have just disappeared but just hope theyre gone for good. i suppose it would be possible for a fish to be fine then die, but i think that if anything then a fish would deteriorate before its death rather than the other way round so keep your fingers crossed, and ill keep mine crossed for you.
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im going to get Metronidazole today to treat for internal parasites. There has been a deterioration in eating and i will need to probably treat the whole tank. My rams are slowly losing there appetite. The symptoms are back on my danio....

I will also buy special fish food to help flush internal parasites out. I will also buy some enthanize product in case the worse comes....
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post #15 of 28 Old 03-12-2007, 09:14 PM Thread Starter
i bought some anti-parasite medication. It contains praziquantel to get help with the possible worm problem and it has metronidazol for them parasite problem.
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I hope your fish are ok Mush, I know absolutely nothing about fish diseases or parasites or I would chime in :)

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thats really sad that the sympotoms are back i really hope your medicine works

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post #18 of 28 Old 03-13-2007, 03:45 PM Thread Starter
ok good and bad news, danios seem healed

bad news, my ram has stopped moving and wont eat the medicated food. I will quarantine it immediatly and buy some metronidazole today.
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post #19 of 28 Old 03-13-2007, 04:50 PM Thread Starter
ok i bought 100% metronidazole today, as well as focus which helps the medicine work, i need to mix it in with the fishes food. Both are seachem products.

I need to get them to eat and i heard garlic helps. The garlic guard there would expire in 2 months and they only had the big ones so i didnt get it. i was wondering if you could just slice up some garlic very finely and mix it in with frozen food?
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i hope it works for you. is this for the rams in the quarantined tank? i dont know how those medications work. if the rams arent eating and the food is medicated, will it work? sorry i cant be of any mroe help. ive only ever had 2 fish that have had any sort of disease and thats the 2 i have a post about just now

let us if it works
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