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FIN ROT. Please help!!!


I have 90 Gal heavily planted tank with some amano & ghost shrimps.

I have 1 guppy, 2 glassfish and several corries with fin rot. It looks like it is bacterial as opposite to fungal.

For 7 days I treated whole aquarium with Melafix. To my disappointment one guppy got slightly better one glass fish recovered. However, my favorite angel fish just got fin rot today.

I am going to setup hospital tank tomorrow. But I guess it will take at least several day until I can transfer any fish there.

Since my tank is heavily planted it will be very difficult to catch thik fish and I know some meds can kill my shrimp.

Please help!!! Any help will be very appreciated. Please call me anytime or post your advice.

thank you,
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I would check my water parameters, particularly the ammonia, nitite and nitrate levels.

If you feel that the malady is bacterial in nature, use Maracyn or Maracyn II.

Here is a medicine reference for your future reffence. It pays to read the stickies.
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thanks Herefishy,

Ideally I am looking for medication I can use inside my tank wittout harming plants and shrimp. any suggestions?

I read good things about Myxazin. is there a way to buy it in US?

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I don't know if Myxazin is available stateside. Did you read the sticky I linked you? It would be a big help to you.
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Are you referring, as sticky, to popup when i mouse over some words? like "nitrate" ?
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