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Oxygen depletion? Medicine will cause this.. Do you have a bubbler? Do any of the fish have sluggish behavior? do you notice any of them hanging out at the top of the tank nipping at the surface like a carp?
I'd do water changes every other day 25% until my fish start to look good. I recently added an extra carbon bag and biobag to my tank to work on beefing up on my "clean tank water" goals.
I don't have anything better to suggest other than taking 1077's advice and taking out sick looking fish right way.

Again, it is another reach with the oxygen thing but I'll toss it out there just in case.
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I do notice the sick one's seem to stay at the top like a carp. I don't have a bubbler, just the water filter- I figured the water pouring in from the filter will give the tank adequate oxygen.

If it is oxygen depletion, what might be causing it? I have a carbon filter in my filter and I can see air bubbles caused from the water dropping in from the filter. I also have some live plants, I figured they would be helping with the oxygen as well? I don't have time today, but I am planning on a 25% water change tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!
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Also, I thought I should add. It has been about 2 or 3 weeks since I've used medicine, and after I finished with the medicine I did a 25% water change. I can't remember if I've done another one since then, but I plan on it tomorrow.
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I hope by now things are much better for your tank. If not this post will bump this thread up for some more advice.
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