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there definately is some nipping going on and being a oscar in a african tank he doesnt match the water conditions, i didnt find this out till after the fact of course. i did some reading and found out exactly what you guys said. it sets in with stress when fin nipping is present (im assuming he is stressed being in ph outside of his natrual) however he eats swims and shows great color so its almost liek he isnt showing signs of stress. i read that melafix and some aquarium salt helps clear up mild cases which is what he has. i dont have any pmats or anything in the aquarium to be hu8rt by the meds but i know how bad meds are for fish. im thinking treat it as a ich infection as far as the salt goes since the water is around 80 anyways being a "african" tank. it seems to be getting pregressively worse and i want to stop it before it gets any more serious. still puzzled how he is eating swimming normal and showing great color if he is stressed?
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just got off the phone with the shop that sold me the guy to ask them their opinion on the situation, you will never belive what they said! "its not uncommon for our fish to arrive to us with soem sort of disease and fin rot has been very common in our tanks and shipments in the past few months" wow... im totally speechless at this point i explained the situation and everything to them and asked if i could return him for a store credit. hes been in my tank for over a month which is past their "gurantee period" im stuck with him and his finrot. keep in mind this is the same store that told me a oscar would be fine in a african tank. what should i do here? should i medicate the whole tank since everyfish i have is from the same fin rot store? what will the melafin do to the benifital bac in my filter? since fin rot is a bac infection wont the mealafin kill all the bennifical bac too? what a dilemma

Jakcs aquarium and pets is the store btw. yes i should have done my homework beforehand but this is just ridclous.
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Grrrrrrr!!! Well at least they admitted it.

If it were me, I wouldn't medicate the whole tank unless you see symptoms of rot on the other fish. The best thing you can do for the whole tank is to keep that water super clean.

Are you able to isolate and treat the fish that has the obvious rot? If advanced, do the recommended dose of the antibiotic with at least a 25% water change daily. You should see improvement in a few weeks but I'd keep it isolated for at least a month. If I didn't say it before, I do tend to be a bit overly cautious :)

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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yeah im super frusterated right now that they would even sell sick fish and know they are doing it! found my pleco after lifting some rocks and he has it really bad, i hardly see him during the day obviously and closer look my jewl has it mildly too.... will the melafin kill the benifitall bac in the tank? should i float the filter pads in a bowl of water with some food while i treat?
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Melafix is a very gentle med and helps in aiding in the healing of torn fins and injuries. Depending on how serious the infection has gotten, it may help, as could salt, but keep an eye on things. If the bacterial infection has progressed too far, you may need something more powerful than melafix to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable enough with these fish to advise here, though I'm sure someone will be able to help out.

Finrot is unfortunately not uncommon to find in fish shops, and the absolute best treatment for it, and most illnesses, is keeping the water clean and the fish in their ideal parameters.

You mentioned that you're now certain that the Oscar is being nipped at by the more aggressive Cichlids in the tank. This could also be the case with the Pleco who is also showing symptoms. As heartbreaking as it may be, the only real solution I see here is to move or rehome the fish that are being nipped, or the fish(es) that are bullying to another tank. As long as these fish are getting their fins bitten by the others, this condition will return again and again, and it isn't really fair to any creature to force them to live in an environment where they're constantly under attack.

I started out in a similar fashion, bad advice from a fish shop left me with a mix of fish that in no way could live happily together. Over time I've managed to separate them, some to other tanks in my home, others were rehomed/given away, and still others were returned to the store. Though I didn't get any store credit for them, either, I felt better knowing that I had at least given them a chance at living a happier life under someone else's care. . .

Looks like you have some tough decisions to make. . . I hope you find a way to help these guys rest and recover, and into tanks better suited for them. Best of luck!
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thanks so much! theres a marcin 1 and 2 antibiotic that is reccomended for more serious infections. from pictures thats ive found on google these guys have it very mildly and have atleast 3/4 of their fins left. ive seen pictures where they are almost totally non exsistant so i dont think im to the maracin step yet. going to start the melafin treatment tommorow and ill keep the post updated with how things turn out. im thinking i bought the fish with it and havent noticed since i didnt really know what it was. never really dealt with this before as i keep my tank water clean enough to drink. as for the ones getting nipped ive had fin nippers and all that before but never fin rot. i can clearly see the white areas around the fin where the bac is actively attacking the fins and never had this before. my nipped fins on fish have always healed themselfs i think the guys just had it so badly from the store it has just stuck with them and the on going nipping without treatment hasnt helped matters.
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Poor things. . .good luck with clearing it up - please do keep us posted!
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Best treatment is frequent water changes and fin's will heal nicely without med's, assuming you either increase territorial landscape,provide more places for fish to retire to,remove fish or fishes that clearly won't co-exist due to differing water chemistry need's, aggression level's, and perform perhap's ,twice weekly 50% water changes till condition improves.
Small African's can and do get along for some time, but once they reach sexual maturity (4 month's or approx 4 inches),then thing's get rougher for subdominant fish.(Many don't stay small)
Subdominant fish (cichlid's),, when kept in number's,, often sport varying degree's of fin injury due to the pecking order which is ALWAY'S changing in African tank's where Males challenge males for said dominance, or right to breed with particular female's of like specie's, or closely related, which present's all new problem's with unpredictable beahivor,development in cross bred species.
In regard's to the Oscar,, to get most out of this species, they would welcome soft to moderately hard <12 DGH pH around 7.4 which would not suit the African's for long as biological process in the tank over month's will favor the Oscar more,,,and the African's less.
Is usually the case, when water chemisrtry does not fall in optimum range for both species or several species being kept.
One or the other,or a few more than other's, are much more prone to stress related weakened immune system which in turn,,,makes the fishes much more suceptible to parasitic,bacterial,pathogen's.
Is primary reason why med's don't often work, or when they app0ear to work,,,symptom's often return over and over, and folk's get frustrated.
Much oF the time,,problem's are self inflicted. People aren't familiar with fishes need's,can't readily identify sick fishes,keep fishes outside their desired ranges for GH,pH,temp, and select poor tankamtes with little to no research before hand.
Not trying to be coarse,,just offering some truth's for consideration.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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great reply there 1077, you have very vaild points with the non compatable fish. however they are all showing signs of the finrot and the store openly admitted to it being a problem in their store. i am familiar with the africans and their needs not so much the osacr. i have seen fin nipping before and know what it looks like. from the hundreds of pictures i have found online of fin rot i can clearly tell the two apart. they have the whiteish area around the fins and the fins are deterorating all like they would with fin rot. i am 100% sure this is fin rot and i can gurantee its not water quality as i would drink the water from my aquarium. yes i know it can be brought on by stress as far as the oscar goes but he came home with it and i just relized it when it became a little more severe. im going to keep him in there and ride things out. kinda forced to know that my 3yr old daughter is in love with him. (she HAS to hand feed him everyday) as far as the water becoming favroble to the oscar in the long run i also agree but there are ways to counteract this and keep a balance.

but anyways today i started the melafix treatment it says to treat everyday for 7 days in a row and then w/c and add carbon back into the aquarium.we feed the fish to have something to go by as the treatment goes to see if their eating decreases or w/e pre treament and they all ate well ill keep a day by day on the thread to keep everyone updated that may be following.
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DAY 2 fish ate well and are still as active as they have been, hard to tell if any improvement has been made yet.
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