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Ammonia in tap water manifests itself as chloramines. If you dechlor the water, it neutralizes the chlorine and converts the ammonia in the chloramine into something not toxic.
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My nitrites are always 0 and nitrates are around 20. Nothing ever fluctuates in my tank and that is what's puzzling. The kits work right because while i was cycling i saw the ammonia go up to 1.25, I saw the nitrites being very high, and then the nitrates started to rise. But since the tank is cycled it's always exactly the same thing. 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate.

Yes there is ammonia in my tap water. Come to think of it.... If there is 0.25 in my tap water than that must mean I've never actually seen the ammonia ever being at 0 anywhere.... Maybe the kit is the problem. I'll test the ammonia tomorrow with the nutrafin's kit. I never use their ammonia test because it's much less precise. The first graduation is 0.6 and the card shows and almost transparent color so it's basically impossible to know if you have nothing or 0.25 ....

I'll try feeding less although I'm a bit reluctant about that since I now have 20 babies and those 3 4 month old that need to be fed often.

Sadly I'm anticipating she will probably be dead by tomorrow....
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Do you have another tank that you could put the fry in? I know that fry do better with smaller more often feeding..maybe a breeder box? that may contain their food a little better?

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Originally Posted by Fishpunk View Post
Ammonia in tap water manifests itself as chloramines. If you dechlor the water, it neutralizes the chlorine and converts the ammonia in the chloramine into something not toxic.
Chloramines are manifested as ammonia. Chloramine is comprised of chlorine and ammonia. It is much more stable than chlorine (it does not dissipate), which is why it is used for water treatment more and more. Water conditioners break it down into chlorine and ammonia. The chlorine is then neutralized and the ammonia is usually converted into ammonium (some brands use a different method). Ideally, the ammonium is consumed by the bacteria colony before it changes back into ammonia. That is why it is important to wait at least a day to test after a water change.

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How long do you let the water sit out before you add it to the tank? Dont quote me, but doesn't adding a bubbler to the water help the ammonia evaporate? Thought I read that somewhere . . .
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Ammonia can evaporate out of water yes, and a bubbler would help gas diffuse out of water. But I really doubt a noticeable amount would evaporate from your tank.
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Jaysee, what I meant was if you look on your water report from the city and see ammonia, this is what they add in addition to chlorine, and they combine to form chloramine. So I'm talking about before the water comes out of the tap, you are talking about after adding sodium thiosulfate to neutralize it.
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