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Ouch, that looks pretty bad. I've never had a fish with open wounds like that before, but the advice that I've gotten and seen others get is just to keep the water very clean, cut back on feeding, and they will likely heal on their own. With fish who aren't sensitive to salt add 1tsp/gallon to the tank. With your catfish I would only add salt if there is no other medication in the water, and cut it down to 1/4tsp/gallon.

I don't know about the maracyn I and II. Are they supposed to be used in conjuction?

It's hard to tell if the featherfin still has signs of other disease, or just the open wounds. I know some members have still told you not to bother separating if they all need to be treated, but if you have several different diseases and therefore several required treatments, I still think separating them would be beneficial. In the case of your featherfin, you can easily change 100% of the water daily if he is by himself (or change 90%. Leave in just enough water that he is comfortable if you are treating the main tank with medication he shouldn't be exposed to). But it is up to you - like I said, I don't have direct experience with this sort of open wound and infection so I am going on speculation and second-hand advice.
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I've cut back on feeding and after the first dose of the medications the spot doesn't look as bad but still not better. Yes, both the medications can be used together (and actually work together I've heard) and I've used them together with loaches and catfish so I know safe to use. I've decided to try to treat the bacterial problems in the tank right now and then tackle the other problems after this treatment. My small dolphin has a part of his top fin eaten away from a fuzzy stuff and something on his head so as soon as I saw that I knew I had to treat for it. If the infections heal up I'm going to go with treating with salt to try to kill any remaining ich/velvet. I'm super worried about my bristlenose though since he hasn't eaten, I don't even know what to do for him or why exactly he isn't eating. :( It's not an option to move them right now or else I would, my cichlids can be a bit hard on them which I'm sure isn't helping. Again thank you for the help. :) I have an idea of what to do now so now all I can do is really hope it works and keep the water clean.
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Sounds like you have a good plan, the only other suggestion that I would make is that if your fish are able to tolerate a little bit lower on the temp, that I would lower the temp by a couple of degrees. Heat can make some bacterias reproduce more quickly. Even letting the temp come down to 78 can make a huge difference sometimes.
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Oh thanks for letting me know that! There's definitely some bacterial problem so I'll lower it down throughout tomorrow, don't want it getting any worse. After 2 doses of the Maracyn my catfish's wounds aren't bloody anymore and look to be smoothed over, they're still white but they don't look bad like they did. My little dolphin still has fuzzy on his top fin and on his head, hopefully the medications with lower temperature will help that go away before the end of treatment. Meanwhile my bristlenose still won't eat, not sure what's wrong with him but hoping the medication and lower temperature will help him too.
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