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Thanks guys..

(1)I took some photos for you all. I figured he was just getting used to the tank at first. But he is still hiding and almost looks like he is hopeless. He is showing a lot of signs of anxiety and shyness. He is definitely a male. But she will sneak up on him and he will bend his tail and slowly sneak backward away from her and then he will get chased ALL AROUND the tank until he hides under that little pottery looking ornament. Then she starts chasing my other fish. She may be pissed because she is pregnant?

(2)I will change the feeding pattern. I have been limiting them to two times a day and small amounts. The weird part about the PH level is that if you scroll up a bit on this forum you will see the colors that I got using my test kit. It is a pink color and according to the test strip it means that it is above 8. That is why I am adding PH DOWN. The fish are doing okay and so are the babies. But according to the strip the PH is super high and that is what I have been told by a few people.

(3)I posted a few photos with this post. Did a water change a few days ago. I will do another next week.
There are definitely some hiding spots. Near the heater is where he will hang out most of the time. It seems to be "the spot" for my fish. They like to hang out on the right side of my tank by the fake plants and heater. He will even hide behind the baby fry box net. I also have an Upside Down Catfish in there that hides behind the heater day in and day out until the light turns off or unless there is scrap food around.

(4)P.S. I added a photo of my baby white molly dalmatian in its net with the head of my sword tail. I did this to compare sizes. Is it safe to let the baby free now or should I let it grow a bit more?
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The baby looks big enough to be let free, it looks about half an inch yes?

I dunno about the PH, because I just don't trust the strips. But I will say that if the fish aren't having problems then you are fine. I have had a PH slightly above 8 and it wasn't anything that affected the fish. Though I didn't know a lot back then XD.

Is he eating? Your black molly I mean? Sorry if you already answered this I just can't find the post if you have.

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Nice Serpae tetras. I had two of them as well. I gave them away.
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Thanks man. Yeah they are awesome. Real quick and coordinated.
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Yeah the molly is eating but is still shy. I have to feed him in his own corner. The mother is cranky or something. She is a bit aggressive with the other fish at times.

I let my baby free in the tank. So far so good! Hopefully she gets accepted into the group. She is in exploration mode right now. I just did a 25% water change yesterday so I am going to check my water and I will post the strip on this post.

I tilted the baby net so she can hide in there if she gets chased. But the mother can still get into the net. Good thing the baby FRY is fast. But they don't seem to be fighting and the mother doesn't seem to be aggressive toward the baby. Baby is hanging out and enjoying herself. It is a female because I can see the "Shell fin" on the underside of her belly.

How is it looking. My strips look pretty damn good in my eyes.. What do you think??
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is that a African frog I see if so I would wait a bit till they grow a little . frog will look at them and say lunch

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Originally Posted by FishRook2012 View Post
Thanks man. Yeah they are awesome. Real quick and coordinated.
Yeah I love how active they are too! I have skirt tetras now, although not as bright they are just as lively.
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