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i had a tank, about a year ago, and everytime i got a fish, they all died, so i gave up. now im starting again, with only a one gallon. i started with a heater, heating it up to the perfect temp, and i used water from my moms tank, (healthy water(has the right bacteria needed)) and i made a misttake of getting 3 fish to start with a one gallon. they all died. then i got 2 guppies, and they seemed fine, nice heat temperature, they were eating, and the water was clean. they died a day later. why is this happening???
i will show u the steps of my setting up tank, and u see if i did somthing wrong.
1.cleaned gravle, and objects.
2.filled up with tank water,
3.put in heater and let it sit for 30 min befor turing on,
4.fish floated in bag for about 15 min befor entering water.

i dont put the store water in the aquarium at all. so anyone no what im doing wrong??? its frusterating.

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How big are your guppies? The general rule is 1 inch of fish body per gallon of water.

Personally, I think the tank is too small to have more than one fish anyhow. They could be dying from too many toxins in the water, such as nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia.

The guppies could be stressed. How long do you leave the light on? Do they have things to hide in or behind? I have three fancy tails, and they love to nip at each other, so I have quite a few things for them to hide in if they want to be left alone.

Try something simple with your 1 gallon. Get a betta. They can live in about anything, and they really don't need anything.
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do u have a test kit? have u tested the water? guppies can be very delicate even tho they are said to be hardy.

and a betta is pretty hardy, but if u dont kno whats wrong with the water then its not worth putting in a fish and killing it.

i wouldnt get a betta for ur tank however, like said above, cuz they need alot of things and care just like any fish, and grow to about 3 inches and a one gallon is way too small.

test your water and then we can help u more.
the pH might be significantly different from what the fish is used to, and that would be what happened.

fishie fishie fishie
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One other thing - what did you use to clean the gravel and decor? If any type of soap was used, this could well be what is killing your fish. Soap residue can last a long time, even after thorough rinsing. It's just a thought. And if you didn't use soap, well, obviously this isn't the problem!

Hope you are able to find a fish that is happy in the tank!

Best wishes for your fishes!
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sorry that you started out with a disaster.
the problem is, is that they die because of toxins in the water.
you may find that by using either a sponge or any filter
media from your moms filter,you will have more chance
of keeping your fish alive.
maybe give that a try,and you will be pleasently surprised. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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