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Emergency! 911!!

OMG! i just got to my moms tonight cuz i have an appointment in ottawa tomorrow [which is 1hr away so she drives me]. so i ask my mom, "Have any of my fish died?" She replies, "None that i know of ;D"

so obviously i go upstairs to check

my neons, my pleco, my tiger barb, and my betta SEEM TO BE DYING

one tiger barb was dead and nomed on a little so i took him out

but the rest seem weak, sluggish, dying! their colour is faded. my betta is stressed to the max [he has horizontal lines] i dont know what to do!

the water was sort of really cold could that be it? i did a 50% water change with roomtemp warm water so the water is a little warmer

could it be they were just SUPER cold?

maybe my mom hasnt been feeding them?

omg guys im like crying i dont know what to do im so worried about my fish
its not even a new tank the tank has been here for like 1-3 years

i reached in to check on them and i was even able to touch them before they reacted and swam away

i dont know what to do im so scared right now

i fed them and my koi, and goldfish ate but it didnt seem like the rest of them did

im so worried

omg im freaking out


help me please i dont want my fish to die :(
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How cold was (is) the water?
Are you able to post your water parameters? Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph?

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i dont have a testing kit and its 1:13AM so i cant take it into the LFS :(
i dunno how cold it WAS
it IS *runs upstairs to check* 82 degrees F i think [i have on of those LED strip things i find them hard to read]

they seem to be swimming around a little bit now but my Betta still has a line across him it looks and the one neon i saw the top was seethrough where it should be shiny blue :(

i am SO worried im dying of worry D:
i love my fishies so much i cant stand it when they are sicky :(

i did do a 50% water change though so i hope if my levels were high they are a little bit better now [took me like 10 minutes so much water stupid 20 gal]

i also used tap water conditioner and i put in some cycle i would have put in some nutrafin freshwater aquarium salt but its at my dads

im so scared for my fishies :(
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do you think they were just too cold?

they seem to be swimming fine now
my Neon Tetras are swimming fine
my pleco is black again
the temp says 82/81 [both are lit up]
even my betta is swimming at the the top of the water looking for noms

maybe i just got over excited :(
i jus love me fishies so much D:
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i checked on them this morning and they seem to be doing better
sorry for freaking out everyone! i was just worried

they were even eating this morning
well at lease Ramses [my betta] was eatting!
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I am glad they seem to be doing better.

Kindest Regards,

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yeah i looked at them before leaving my moms and they seemed to be doing fine
im probably going to try and bring the aquarium here to my place though so i can take better care of them
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