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just wondering how long has your tank been set up for ?
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Originally Posted by m4dm4n
7 neons left... and one angel fish DEAD... They where just fine yesterday... especially the angel fish, was very active, no spots, no bumps whatsoever...
No one said did you test the water!
Where you get your water for changing?

Is ammonia, nitirites, chlorine?

Do a 50% water change if you have good change water.
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Thanks for the advice!

There is only one small problem! I'm not home right now, I had to leave for a few days. Before leaving I bought some medicine and sollutions anti ammonia and nitritis and used them. I hope when I return no more fish are dead. When I return home I will buy a tester to check out the water composition (when I bought de medicinine it was sold out)

My frog is still very small, it couldn't have possibly eaten the big angel fish... I found him dead "in perfect shape" (only the eyes were a little blurry and the gills were swallowed...)
Before leaving, I also found one dead SAE... same conditions, but a little bit eaten by the other fish.

Thank you.
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My tank has been set up since NOVEMBER! No problems since until now (I had the frog since the beginning)[/i]
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I'm seriously shocked. If he starts to get really big then you know he at least snacked on a few (even postmortem). I'd suggest him having his own tank anyways, he won't leave them alone forever (it's ridiculous how much they eat though I think they ate my pond snails so I don't mind that!!!)

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Yay....it at least saves all your future fishies from being eaten :)

Getting some more fish and seeing what happens (after proper quarantine)?
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Frog removed but... 2 neons left, 1 angel fish dead and the betta is also dead... :(( I will be home on friday... until then I think all my fish will be gone... Very strange... no spots, no lumps, they are active until they DIE!!
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Ummmmmm....tear down your tank, boil everything (ecept the rocks) and start all over again? Totally weird!

And seriously, I though it was the frog, I'm sorry
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