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This is a discussion on dying fish within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> yeah everything is working! let us know if something goes wrong again....hopefully it wont lol!...

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yeah everything is working! let us know if something goes wrong again....hopefully it wont lol!
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just to update...

Those fish survived a week and then suddenly died, so we completely emptied the tank, and put new rocks in. We put in some live plants this time. We added a green swordtail (female.) She has been swimming happy for almost 2 weeks now! She did have babies...8 that I counted, but she also ate them all. Last week we also added a Betta. They both seem happy and are doing well :D :D :D
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I would check your tank for stray voltage and probably consider installing a ground probe : )
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I know that you understand about cycling the tank. Since the super clean-up, has the tank been cycled? Have the water parameters been checked since adding fish? Maybe there has been spike in ammonia and or nitrites and the tank is trying to cycle and that may be why your fish are dying. Just a thought.
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Re: dying fish

Originally Posted by aerynkelly
I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank that I am starting - this tank used to be established, but after a long weekend and a power hit to the building (the tank is at work) we ended up losing all the fish. We completely cleaned the tank out, so now it's brand new again. I'm definitely familiar with cycling...had no problems establishing the tank last time. This time however, any fish I put into the tank isn't surviving 24 hours. I've tested the water and can find nothing wrong with it. When the first fish died I thought maybe it was sick from the pet store (it wouldn't eat, wasn't swimming much) but after the 2nd died, I started to suspect the tank. Any thoughts/suggestions?
i am thinking it was the bleach that killed the fish, you wouldnt need alot of it left behind to kill them
my aplogies to the other members i didnt read the responses
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