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doesn't make too much sence to me

Hello All,

My 100 gals tank have ich now. I usually purchase quick cure to treat the tank and use 1 drop per gal or 1/2 the amount for scaleless fish which make sence to me. But I check 5 stores here. They don't carry quick cure now and they have super ick cure by API. O.k I purchase it.

I read the direction for use and it say 1 tsp. (5 ml) per 5 gals of water.
Mean 1 ml per 1 gal.
Wow. the bottle is only 37 ml. And my tank is 100 gals.
Are they telling me I have to use at least almost 2 - 3 bottle and dump them in to treat my tank and another 2 - 3 bottle 28 hrs later.

Doesn't make too much sence to me.

Any comment ?

Thanks !
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What fish do you have?:) You could use salt. At least, you're on safer side. Just dissolve the salt though before adding it to the tank. 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons.

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Thank you for your reply. I have some cardinal guppies. Not much in there. Maybe total 30 - 35 fishes. total and they are small.

I did put salt in there as you say 1 tsp per 5 gal. I measure my tank which is 48"X24"X18" which come to around 87 gals of water.

I call the fish store that I purchase the med. and they say I did need 2 bottle at that (they only have one size). I not sure I should trust him or not.

Well, I bump up the temp. to 82F and add a little more super ich in but not the full bottle and go from there. And follow their instruction change 25% water later (24 hrs)

Yep, just like most thread say this alway happen around

May the force be with my fishes.

Thanks !
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Does your LFS carry Coppersafe or Maracyn I & II? If you want to use chemicals to treat that should be the more than suitable to get rid of it. OPtherwise, the salt may work and the temp turned up to about 76-78 F is supposed to wrk. Just make sure to run an airstone wit the heat treatment because there will be less oxygen saturation at higher temps. Also find out to see if you can use something like Melafix at the same time to help the sores heal and to protect the slime coat.
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I think they do. But they are all close now. Will go tomorrow and get some. But I was wonder should I have to wait for 24 hrs before I do anything since I just treat the tank with the super ich cure.

also I have another question about salt. I just purchase some salt from LFS. I read a few places that I can use table salt as long as they are non iodized.

I have some table salt at home pick up at costco. Just for information only. Not I am trying to use them. But the description on the box is a kind of confuse to me.

it make by Sifto table salt and said is iodized free running.
Humm iodized free running ???

and the ingredients say Salt, Calcium Silicate, Potassium Iodide, sodium thiosulphate.

I am not trying to save The reason what so call LFS is 60 KM one way from where I live. and everytime I go there told me over or close to 2 hrs. because of the traffic.

if it work out, I can use it as back up.

Thanks !
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Yes I have heard that as long as the salt is non-iodized then it is fine. Canning or pickling salt is commonly used instead of aquarium salt.

Now I have never done this as I don't use salt anymore. When I get new fish from now on I will be making sure to quarantine the fish before adding them so I should never lose another fish to ich again.
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