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Originally Posted by Timothy 1998 cremer View Post
Yeah i removed most my fish before the ick came in. i am treating with ridall anti ich

Don't know much about ich meds, but I've not heard of that. There may be better meds available, but just continue to use what you're using. How are the Discus looking?

What size tank are they now in?

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Looks like it's a methylene blue med from singapore. It should work, but it might be hard on the biofilter. I'd still turn the heat up and use some salt and an air bubbler to be safe. I don't know about the other ingredients in that product, but the methylene blue won't react with any other fish med in a negative way.
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the ich does not seem to be going away but now just one discus has it it'll probably be OK thanks for the help
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It may take a day or two for the spots to disappear, the meds can't harm the ick when it's on the fish like that. You have to wait for it to fall off the fish, then it's vulnerable. Heat will speed up that process.
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I had ich once in my tank, and i was able to get rid of it relatively quickly by using a product called "Garlic Xtreme"
Garlic does work in curing the fish, i would recommend using the same product that i did because it worked great for me.
As for using actual garlic I don't know how you would give that to the fish, but celantro is also a good remedy to help cure fish and also keep them healthy.

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Thanks i live in India so you don't usually get any good brands here :P itll just have to work i will get a bigger tank for the discus in approx 2 months i am getting it custom made 60g. but i think ill leave them in the 30 g for now since they are just 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.
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