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Originally Posted by breadandbutter
also i can easily put my snails in a different tank, would that help?
That will depend on what snails you have.:) I definitely would avoid the common pond snails and ramshorns. Malayan Trumpet Snails are best choice.

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theyre apple snails
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Originally Posted by breadandbutter
its 15l. the goldfish aren't in the same tank btw.

yes it has done cycling and it has been running for about 4 weeks. how can i do undergravel filtering in a biorb?

the people at the fish shop said it wouldn't be overpopulated but its annoying that the tank was advertised as having amazing filtration but its like it is.

how much does a one of those filter's cost and would it easily fit?
Filters are great if only used properly. Overstocking the tank, turning it off at nights, etc. are signs that it is not being used properly.

I did a Google search on Biorb and finally found out what they look like. The type of filter looks like a UGF (UnderGravel Filter)..

The tube is then covered with gravel, so it's just a small, simple form of a UGF (UnderGravel filter). You can probably add a small HOB filter, but it would ruin the looks of the tank.

Just curious...How often do you do water changes? Do you clean up the fish waste on the bottom?
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about twice a week and yes

cheers for the info ppl im doin 10% water changes a day until it clears up and i've moved it into another room so i can leave it on. is that enough?
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That should be fine.
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The filters on Bio orbs is poor TBH. I bought a friend one a while back had a guppy and 2 mollies in. The actual suface area of the media is say 5" max in diameter and powered by a tiny airpump. Nice as a decoration but get shut and get something rectangular. :)
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