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desparate for ideas of what to try now.

This issue is affecting both tanks now. I tried to help my mentioning some things going on in both tanks.

20 gal tank - I thought I was treating Velvet well guess what that's not what it is. I bought stuff to treat Velvet(20gal only) because minus the bronze look all signs seem match all the desciptions I had been able to find.

20 gal - I actually ended up with Ich as a secondary infection and that is gone now but I still can't figure out what the orginal problem going on is.

20 gal - The adult Platy are displaying white splotches which originally presented as lighter skin colorations. These have been developing for about 3 weeks. I noticed last night that most advanced splotches are deepening meaning they aren't on the surface anymore but I guess eating into the flesh. The spots are white maybe a tad bit grey. They don't appear at this point to be fuzzy or stringy.

20gal - Loach has had 2 or 3 flopping fits. He comes out of his slate cave and will flop and rub 6 times back to back alternating sides.

10 gal - Platy had 2 raised bumps over his eye and have flattened out but doesn't seem likely that it is going anywhere anytime soon. Platy and Gourami both rubbing. Gourami went through a rubbing fit the other day, she would swim in the plastic tube that goes over the airline into the sponge filter. She would swim into it hard face first and rub the side of her body along the tube horizontally. I just started a couple days ago treating for possible bacterial infection (10gal only) with Maracyn Plus. Can't tell if treatment is working yet. ****EDIT Platy in this tank is developing a white color to his side it's not a deepening splotch yet but it is a oval spot about 1/2" long and 1/4" tall****

In both tanks - almost everyone is rubbing now even some of the fry.

20gal: 3 White Clouds, 3 adult Platys, 8 Platy fry, 1 Honey Gourami, 1 yo-yo loach ** The Gourami moved in about 3-4 weeks ago**

In my 10gal
: 1 Platy, 1 Honey Gourami, and 1 Oto ***Platy moved about 3-4 weeks ago***

Both tanks - I use the same hose and bucket, I think the problem most likely originated in the 20gal.

Both tanks - I have been battling overfeeding, growth of algae (multiple types and have been trying to reduce the hours of light.

I can't get in close enough with my camera to get pictures we can actually see.
Params are pretty consistent ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, ph 8, temp 75-78. A couple weeks ago I had a spike in nitrate in the 20gal that was 20 one week and 40 the next but then the next week it was back to normal after a couple extra water changes. I change the tank at least weekly. ONly one or twice have I waited a week and a half. If anything I change the water too often.

The 20 gal is what I would call overstocked. I am still within the 1 inch to the gallon but I have too many actually bodies. Some will move to other tank as soon as I can get things under control again.

Pleeeeeeeeease any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am very frustrated and really about had enough. I don't know what direction to go or what to do now. I ahve been to the point of frustrated tears a couple of times now.

Thanks in advance Sadie
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I am wondering how your tanks both got contaminated. Do you share any accessories or filtration systems? Is there any way that water from one tank got in the other?

If not it is almost certainly an environmental condition. If it was me I would go down to the store and buy a cheap 10G and fill it up with RO/DI water and put my fish in it to try and give them a fighting chance. I would take extra care NOT to put any of the accessories, decorations, water, or any element from the other tanks.

But on the other hand if you throw all those fish in smaller tanks it may stress them and worsen the problem.

Please List All The Medications and Steps You Have Taken So Far.
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I use the same hose and bucket for both tanks. And there is one fish in each tank that moved from the other 3-4 weeks ago.

The Platy in the 10 is actually showing a new or more advanced sign to day. Half of one side is white and it looks almost like his scales are dying off and getting ready to slough off. Kind of ragged. His other side has the same stuff coming up as well. He also has a bump over his eye.

I treated the 20gal for 4 days with Formalin thinking this might kill velvet. I was told through another source that it would do absolutely nothing so I threw in a carbon filter for 24 hrs. The next day I started with Ick Guard II because it contains acriflavin which is supposed to kill Velvet and treated for 4 days. It turned out they had devloped a secondary infection to whatever is going on of Ick but this is gone now. (Ick was on in the 20gal). Last night I threw in a carbon filter and am at a loss now as to what is going on. I did 25% water changes every night I medicated, the nights I threw in a filter I did not change water.

The 10 gal I started to treat on Tuesday with Maracyn. I didn't know if it was safe for scaleless so the first night I used it I half dosed it and added aeration. The next night I did a 25% water change and added a full dose. Last night I did not do a water change or add medication because this med is supossed to be used nights 1,3, and 5, so I will treat tonight. So far there has only been worsening. The Oto is rather sedate tonight.

By the way what is RO/DI water??
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Forgot to mention the 10gal last week had a "pond smell." If you have ever been around a pond that has that thick slimy really dark green algae (yucKKKKKK) that's exactly what it smelled like. I didn't understand the smell because I had changed the water the previous week.

The 20gal only has a very faint odor hardly noticeable at all so it was probably just a normal smell.

What do you think?? Maybe it's actually an external bacterial infection?
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My ambulia started to go down hill quickly so I ripped it out of both tanks and it stunk to high heaven and beyond. This may have been part of the overall problem. I am now treating both tanks with Maracyn Plus.
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I am no expert but I would make sure to do a few things. Its good to treat it with antibodies (and you have already started that) also you could consider erythromycin (Maracyn) and a cycline drug Minocycline (Maracyn-Two). I think you said you already tried the erythromycin, did that do anything? You will want to make sure that any drugs you are combining will not interfere with one another.

First off clean everything you put into the tanks and NEVER cross contaminate. That means if you drain one tank make sure your hose is totally clean before you put it in the next tank. You can do this with bleach water or boiling water. You can never be too careful.

The next thing that won’t hurt you would be to do a 50% water change every day or every other day if you don’t have the time. I can see no reason to leave the old water in there very long if these fish a melting away, unless the medication requires it…

If you think your tanks are shot you could put the fish in a temporary bowl and just go ahead and kill the whole tank. (i.e. completely wipe out all forms of life in it) this is risky because then you have to cycle your tanks over again, but if you change the water often enough it won’t be that big of issue.

If all else fails you could see a vet or call an aquarium maintenance service to come take a look.

Best of luck.

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I going to try my cell phone camera and see if I can get anything to show up on it to take to the pet store tomorrow. The one platy is just covered on both sides with white stuff and refused to eat tonight. I am just really amazed as it has taken a couple weeks to slowly come up and now it's atrarting to rage out of control. He may get euthanized tomorrow because I can't stand to watch it anymore.

It's just really hard to euthanize a fish(Romeo) when I have already nursed him back to health once after being beat up and he and the Honey Gourami(Hope) are inseperable.

I am also going to buy a new bucket and 2 new hoses.
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I going to try my cell phone camera and see if I can get anything to show up on it to take to the pet store tomorrow. The one platy is just covered on both sides with white stuff and refused to eat tonight. I am just really amazed as it has taken a couple weeks to slowly come up and now he may get euthanized tomorrow because I can't stand to watch it anymore.

I am also going to buy a new bucket and 2 new hoses.
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