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Cycle Query of ammonia and nitrite

Hi Guys,

I am sure this is a common question and i know the Ammonia levels and Nitrite levels should be 0 and nitrate should be 10. I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 mollies 2 sailfin mollies 1 brittlenose catfish and 2 peppermint catfish. The Conditions currently just tested them are as follows
Ammonia 0.1mg/L
Nitrite 0.1mg/L
Nitrate 5mg/L
PH 6.8

I thought i would give you a short history of what i have done with the tank to see if anyone can notice my problem or problems. I have followed the concept of cycling when i first got the tank over 3 months ago i did i cycle with 2 mollies and i watched the ammonia levels over first few days and after 3 days there was an ammonia spike then after another 4 days the ammonia level was 0 then my nitrite was about 3.3 then waited another 4 days and it was also 0. then i stocked the tank with the above mentioned fish. There hasn't been any problems with fish dying i have actually had some baby mollies and 4 of them are alive and doing fine. last week i saw a small ammonia and nitrite spike and i did a 25% water change and the following 3 days i have done 10% water changes. It has reduce the levels to the above mentioned conditions. I haven't been able to get the levels to 0 even after small water changes. I read that over a long period of time the fish being exposed to those conditions could be harmful to them (especially when i have baby mollies). What can i do to reduce these levels to 0

Kind Regards

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Ammo lock, stress zyme, ammo carb, ammo chips, and daily partial water changes about 15%.i would only use one of these items, ive only used stress zyme i know it helps your biological filters but it does not seem to be your problem. if i were you id do a little reserch on these products then pick the one that best suites you tanks needs.
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Thanks Very much i will look into that and let you know how i go Cheers :D
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I did some research on those products you mentioned. I active carbon in my filter so i looked into Stress Zyme and Ammo-lock. I didn't expect my local pet shops, or fish shops have these products i was going to order on the net but found Stress Zyme at my local pet store. At this stage my ammonia has not dropped but my nitrites at this stage are zero. I will let you know if my ammonia drops to 0. Thanks again for the advice

:D :D :D :D
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