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How often is my betta supposed to poop? I'm not sure if I have ever seen him go. I've had him for about three weeks. Does it look like a brown dissolved pellet? Would someone please inform me? Thanks!
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Lol... Umm well does he look bloated at all? If he looks bloated he may be constipated. Well... Fish poop generally looks like their food. Only long, so your "brown dissolved pellet" Could be poop... Or it could be exactly what you described it as But if he is bloated (Or even if he's not) Try feeding him a pea.

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mines poop blends in with the rocks only when i change his water they float
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Originally Posted by ix3ruberducky
mines poop blends in with the rocks only when i change his water they float
If he looks fat he is constipated and/or bloated. If not, don't worry. I have only seen one of my three bettas poop once.

Give him a pea if he is constipated.
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If he is constipated, mash up some peas and feed that to him for a couple of days. He'll get regular. And also, i heard that feeding bettas shrimp can contribute to constiopation so maybe thats it.
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