Community Tank with ICH!!!
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Community Tank with ICH!!!

This is a discussion on Community Tank with ICH!!! within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I have had no luck with buying new fish lately, the first lot died and now the 2nd lot all have ich. My water ...

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Community Tank with ICH!!!
Old 07-22-2011, 08:56 AM   #1
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Community Tank with ICH!!!

I have had no luck with buying new fish lately, the first lot died and now the 2nd lot all have ich. My water is always pristine and I've never had an issue like this before until these new fish. The tetra's and platys are the only fish atm that seem to have it -these are the new fish and I can only assume that they brought it to my tank, I don't have another tank to quarantine them so the whole tank is going to need to be treated. I know raising the temperature to 86 degrees will kill the ich but will this be OK for the tetras? I also have a small bristlenose that I've had for over a year. I don't want to use medication and I have aquarium salt but also have 2 freshwater clams so I'm not positive I can use that. Help! lol

I gradually raised the temperature throughout the day yesterday and today the tetra's look much better; one which was close to death actually has all its colour back but they are still a bit spotted, like the platties; which seem worse today. The other fish seem fine - touch wood! I was just wondering how much longer it should take for the ich to die? I thought it was around 1-2 days and I was planning on doing a gravel vaccum today, to get rid of any ich that might have already fallen off the fish..... should I do this or wait until tomorrow?

Thanks :)
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Old 07-22-2011, 10:26 AM   #2
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Hi Welsh,

Sorry to hear about your fish woes. I'm sharing Aunt Kymmies link here which is a really great article about ICH and the life cycle of the parasite. It should help you greatly. It does take a while to treat the tank so hang in there.

And I'd think about getting a QT tank if you can. It's not worth losing a community of fish over a few bad ones. ( I know I'm stating the obvious). Good luck.

The Skeptical Aquarist
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