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Unhappy Columnaris and Ich outbreak.. Can Ich Attack and Aquarium salt be combined?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to mix Ich attack and aquarium salt. I am currently battling columnaris AND ich/ick outbreak, that's right, BOTH simultaneously, at the moment. I believe one of my fish somehow got sick suddenly, and unfortunately it spread to all of other tankmates inside the tank.. But right now, things have gone pretty well and quieted down.. So far, adding aquarium salt, low temp 75F and really clean dechlorinated water has helped a lot fighting off columnaris thus far, and sadly, I lost of my fish, but thanks for some medication/salt baths when some of my fish were at critical health, it has helped tremendously and saved a lot.. So right now, nearly all of my fish has recovered greatly, they are behaving normally, eating well, their colors, health, and vitality are returning; all are still in the process of healing, thank goodness.. and there looks like there is a lot of hope. Now, all of my fish are doing somewhat well again, but you see, some of my fish are STILL rubbing their side gills! And I suspect that maybe it is because of ich or perhaps velvet that's causing my fish to become irritated to do that? It cannot be my tap water because I dechlorinate FOR SURE, and it's been days since I water changed, and they are still sometimes doing it; it cannot be chlorine that's irritating their gills from my tap water. My clown loaches are hiding A LOT, I'm really worried about them, I rarely see them out of their caves, and I have noticed that some of them had white spots, ich, and some of them DID NOT have any at all, actually, but still rubbed their gills... Oh yeah, I would like let you guys know my catfish seem to be doing well tolerating salt fine at normal dose 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons. The tank is at full recommended aquarium salt dose now.

So yeah, the big question.. Is it possible if I could add Ich Attack in conjunction with salt to strengthen further the fight to get rid of ich, velvet, and any other lingering parasites? I have searched everywhere for info on combining ich attack and salt to no avail.. And you see, I would LOVE to heat the tank up to about 86F to treat ich along with aquarium salt, HOWEVER, how do I do so if I have lingering columnaris in the tank? Columnaris thrive and become virulent in temperatures around 80F and up. So I want something that doesn't require the heat to eliminate ich, so I'm thinking Ich attack since it's organic, herbal, and way less toxic than the harsh coppersafe, rid ich medications etc. Thing is, I'm not sure if salt alone is enough to treat ich without high temperatures.. But with high temps, columnaris will got a strong foothold of the tank, sooo I'm stuck, and unsure of what to do next; this has NEVER happened before during my many fish keeping years of keeping my fish in top shape.... Darn diseases!! Ughhh!! I wish there was a cure-all medication.

Anyhow, here are my size tank, water parameters, and current stock:

250 gallon tank

pH 7.6
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 10-15ppm

6 Silver dollars
5 Clown loaches
4 Blood red cichlid parrots
6 Sterbai Corydoras
1 Roseline shark
9 Rosy barbs

Any help, info, tips, or advice on how to further remedy my current situation that's already doing better would greatly be appreciated!!

Thanks a lot guys.

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I don't know about Ich Attack, I like to stay away from meds that say "Ich away" and "Ich be gone" and stuff like that since it rarely works. ^^;

Most meds CAN be combined, but you should probably look up that medication and see if it can be doubled with it.

The salt? Up it. The recomended dose is actually pretty low. Up it SLOWLY, by about another half tablespoon per ten gallons, you want to go a bit at a time or you can shock your fish. Wait a couple more days, do some good cleaning to get rid of dead and dying ich, and add in a whole extra tablespoon per ten gallons. Unfortunately some of your fish, catfish as you obviously know, don't like salt. Someone may have a better dual remedy for you altogether that wont risk your non-salt loving buddies.

Now for both of those nasties, salt and heat can work. Both are nasty pieces of work and hard to get rid of without casualties...Ah, but heat, salt, stress coat+(this will help repair damaged slime coats and protect them from being reinfected with the little parasites...well, it'll help protect them from it), and some TLC should get rid of both nasties...Columnaris may need something stronger than salt to get rid of it, but the Ich really doesn't.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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I see, thanks for your input, SylverClaws. I appreciate it. :)
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