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Cleaning my QT

Hey guys,

My bloated betta Bill passed away from his bloat. I came home to him no longer having bloat but a caved in stomach so I think his body couldn't take it any more after I've been treating him with epsom salts.

The tank is a 10 gallon with a sponge filter, some cycled media (old pebbles) in a betta cup with a lid and 2 fake plastic plants for asthetics and fish entertainment/hiding spot. I have no problem tossing the old pebbles and sponge filter. My main question is what ratio to water should I do a cleaning with bleach? 1/10? I'd like to get this tank cleaned out if a new need arises.

Any input is welcomed. I don't want to take chances. This fish had bloat for a very long time and led a normal life till about a week ago he was having issues swimming. Hence the quarentine. His scales never pine coned but no one can ever be too sure. His prior tank mates include the guys in my 20 gallon in my signature, which I guess I should change at some point...


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Quite honestly I never "clean" my quarantine tanks. Just like there are always going to be germs and pathogens in your house, no matter how hard you try to sterilize it, there will always be stuff in the tank no matter what concentration of bleach you use. You come into contact with pathogens every day - it's only when your immune system is depressed or you come across something particularly nasty that you get sick - same goes for the fish.

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