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Catifish has ich. I don't know how to treat it!

My cory catfish has ich (white spot). Since he is a scaleless fish, how do I go about treating him? Our hospital tank is currently being occupied by a female platy with gill disease, an I'd rather not mix the two together.

The current she is in has 2 female platies, 2 otto catfish, and one other cory catfish. Tank size is a 20 gallon. The temperature is at 74 degrees F, and the pH is normal. However, the nitrates and ammonia levels are above normal, and we are currently trying to lower the levels with water changes every two days.

This is the first day I noticed him with ich, so I would like to start treating her before it gets worse. What I would like to know is:

-Because the hospital tank cannot be used right now, how should I treat him?
-What medicines should I use? I have Maracyn-Two, Melafix, and another medicine called Fungus Clear that says it treats ich.
-There are other fish in the tank who may possibly have ich because they are in the same water. Is it safe to put medicine in with them?
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We have 2 clown loaches that are also scaleless fish, when we got ick, we found that using aquarium salts and Wardley Wellness Ick Out Sensitive worked well. I'm sorry I don't remember the dosages for the aquarium salt, but I know you can find a lot of info about the amounts online. Hope this at least helps to get you started. :)
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