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burned betta

yesterday i put a heater in watter and today all my bettas have white points, and move in zigzag :(((( what shoul i do??
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what temperature do you have the heater at? the white spots sound more like whicte spot, or itch as i think most people here call it. white spot spreads in higher temperatures so perhaps it was always there but the temperatures not high enough for it to move onto the next stage, which is burrowing into the fish.

i dont know if this is likely, perhaos somebody else will be able to say?
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it sounds like ich, the parasite has already gotten into the flesh of the fish and has already created the white spots called cyst. what you need to do is wait untill the cyst burst ands then treat the water while they float around, its the only time it will work, any other time the medecine is pretty much useless. the zigzag behavior must derive from the ich,they probably want to scratch their body but cant.
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Re: burned betta

Originally Posted by Burn_X1
yesterday i put a heater in watter and today all my bettas have white points, and move in zigzag :(((( what shoul i do??
It appears ich has long been hidden for a long time. When was the last time you bought a new fish together with your bettas?:) The moment you introduced your heater, of course, the ich are bound to appear and proliferate as fast as they can because the high temperatures made them to do so.

Use salt when dealing with ich. 1 tbsp per 5 gallons will do it. Do the treatment for two weeks minimum along with increased temperature.

I still don't see how the bettas are burned. White points clearly described ich which is the most common disease in the aquarium hobby.

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