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Black spot inside fish??

Hi There,

I recently added 6 Tiger barb to my tank (10g) to go with 1 tiger barb, that I had in the tank for a month now. In doing so I noticed that, within an hour, the new fish look as if something inside of them turned black in one spot. The old fish doesn't have it; he was being very aggressive with them at first, in which i took him out and added him in a few hours later. Is their something i can get for them or are they sick? Also, it has been about a week and the other fish seems to have settled but does chase the new fish around. I have checked their fins and they are fine. Will he eventually stop this?...Please help :)

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Tiger barbs are known for their "nippiness". Although they are not territorial in nature, they do establish a heirarchy, pecking order if you will. Not a whole4 lot you can do except maybe get a bigger tank. You can tolerate their behavior or exchange your fish for other less aggressive fish.
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i agree. you should get new fish or a bigger tank.
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Well the mean tiger seems to have settled a little, but does still chase. I'll try a bigger tank, but does anyone know what these black spots inside of them could be? almost seems as if something inside of them exploded but black

If anyone knows anything about this please let me know :)
Thanks [/u]
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We can't imagine that spot. Post a pic, please! My tigers have spots but they look naturally fine.
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yes a pic would help a lot!
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For what it's worth, a friend just bought some tiger barbs and a few of them have a single black spot in between their middle stripes. They are all fine and healthy, so it might just be a natural mark.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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does anyone else have tiger barbs with a blckish spot in the middle?
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I don't have a pic, but im not going to worry about it too much. They seem normal. Thanks everyone, if you hear about anything similar please let me know
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my tiger barbs have same spot(s). they seem to be doing well but i read somewhere about parasite larva from snails. this may be true bc i noticed the spots just after adding a new plant to the tank... a plant that the tiger barbs love and sleep around.
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