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The two with the white patches...gone.
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I'm very sorry you are losing so many! If you only added them yesterday, how did you acclimate them? They may have been sickly when you bought them and the added stress may have brought the illness on sooner. Most tetras do better in soft and a bit lower PH. 7.6 may be too high for them and if your water is also hard (which you are unsure of), the sudden change in water parameters may have been too much of a shock to them and they couldn't acclimatise accordingly.

Are the water parameter levels you supplied, after you added all the fish or before? sometimes you can get a spike if you add too many fish too soon, even if you did a fish-less cycle, if there weren't sufficient bacteria colonised.

I had a batch of black neon's once and after being introduced to the tank, they started dieing one by one.
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I floated the bags to temp. acclimate them. The parameters are after adding them. I tested the same evening and the next day...there could have been a spike but I never saw it if so. I guess maybe the Black Neons are just not quite as hardy as the others, the Glowlights seem just fine and no loses of them yet, same with the otos. So far things seem to have settled. Lights just went out and all remaining fish looked ok...none seemed to be struggling and none had any new growth. Fingers crossed that maybe the weak have gone and the strong will survive. I'll complete the full cycle of Furan 2 and see what happens from here. I am getting ready to go to work so I won't be home for about 14 hours...just hope I have some fish to come home to.
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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I floated the bags to temp. acclimate them.
As well as acclimatising them to the temp. it is also a very good idea to acclimate them to the water parameters too, to lessen any sudden shock associated with the changes in water parameters between the LFS' tank and yours. Using the drip method is a good way to do this, or you can remove a cup of water from the bag and gradually pour 1/4 of a cup of your tank water into the bag, every 5-10 minutes for approx. 1/2 to 1 hour.
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Sorry that you have lost so many more fish. Hopefully things will start to slow down and the others will be okay.
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Nubster's Avatar more gone today...another Black Neon. Just hoping it doesn't spread to the others.
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I've got the same thing with my newly bought female guppy (got her yesterday). She is the only one currently showing signs of columnaris. Iíve read you can start treatment with salt? I donít know if it will work or not but Iím desperate. The only problem I have is that I donít have any other aquarium at the moment to put her under quarantine and to begin treatment.
Can I put her in a small container (inside the aquarium) and treat her with the salt for 3 days?
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Nubster's Avatar can use pretty much any small container as a sick tank. Doesn't have to be an actual fish tank.

And I lost another one just before I went to bed. Woke up and no more dead but one looking not so great. Seems like once the Black Neons are all dead, all the dying might stop in my tank. The otos and Glowlights are still looking good.
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