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OK, at this point I really have no idea what this fish has, I wish I could get a picture! I read Online that if a fish has Ich, it would have white specs all over it, my fish only has about 4 white specs on its tail. My fish also has some white patches on it's body. I'm thinking it could be fungus or either columnaris, but I read that fish that get columnaris die really fast. Someone, please help!
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Today's Inspections:

The fish actually appears to have less fungus like growth on it and the dots on it's tail is harder to see! You can only notice the fish has something wrong now if you look at it VERY closely with the tank light on. However, now the fish is pooping white stringy poop, INTERNAL PARASITES! :S. I put in another dose of Tetra Parasite Guard, hopefully that will take care of everything!
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Good luck. ): It sounds like you have been able to figure out what is wrong.

You will always be my best friend, .
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It seems like this issue has most likely cleared up. However, during the medication process, one of my Green Cory Catfishes died two days ago. My black molly has NO spots or ANY fungus on it anymore, which is good. However, my two black mollies and a guppy now have grey-ish poop. Could this be caused by stress of meds that have been forced into the tank? Other than that, everything appears to be normal! Today I went to PetSmart and purchased a new Green Cory Catfish and I have fallen in LOVE with this one! It is SO tiny!! :)
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Doing water changes will help but it is not the only thing you need to do. From what I have read ICH breeds in the gravel. So you need to clean your gravel with a vacuum. I got one at Pet Co and its amazing, and they aren't that expensive, I think mine was like $25 and its for a 55g tank.

I feel your pain, I have cichlids and a pleco and my blood parrot got ich awhile back, luckily he survived but it looks like I didn't do as good of a job cleaning and monitoring the tank because it's back again...and coincidentally right after I added rosy barbs a week ago.

Good luck!
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Well, again, apparently it wasn't ich as NONE of the spots have appeared back on the fish but my two black mollies are still having WHITE FECES. On top of that, they lay on the bottom of the tank now and shimmy when they try to swim! About a week ago I stopped the treatment thinking it was gone as everyone was appearing normal. I did multiple water changes and re-added the Carbon filter. Yesterday I added a tablet of Tetra Parasite Clear and I am crossing my fingers as I ONLY have 1 dose left of it.. I also have plenty of Quick Cure which contain Formalin and Malachite Green and I have Maracyn Two on hand. Will Maracyn 2 work for this? I don't want to hurt the catfish during this treatment process.
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