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OK i took it out and put it into a hospital tank that i turns out it wasnt ick.she was stressed and not eating and the male was picking on her and she had fin rot or whatever you call it.i put some fish meds in the water of the hospital tank and she is doing alot better.i have a 10 gallon that i can move her into soon.i just fed her and now shes really happy,so everything seems under control.they are not the only two in the tank,there are tetras and stuff like that.i did a water change and added aquarium salt,and they all seemed ok.if i have a brackish aquarium,should i test with a salt water test kit ofr freshwater?
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adding aquarium salt does not deem the tank "brackish". Brackish water is where streams and rivers meet the ocean. If you are trying to do a brackish water aquarium, you would use an actual Ocean Salt used for saltwater aquariums. The saltwater salt has more than just salt and will also provide the tank with minerals and elements found in ocean water. Using a hydrometer, the density reading should be about 1.005-1.01, but i've heard variations on that.
The reason freshwater aquarium salt is used in freshwater aquariums is for a process called "osmoregulation". Basically it brings the salt density of the water to be equal with the salt density in the cells of the fish. Fish constantly have to expell energy to keep the salt in their cell bodies from "leaking out". By raising the salt in the water, the fish conserves energy. I personally only reccommend doing this when a fish is sick or stressed, it's the equivelent of you or I resting when we catch a cold. Some people will say that livebearers (mollies, guppies, platys, etc) need aquarium salt in their water. They do tend to enjoy it but I don't consider it a neccessity. Mollies will live in anything from freshwater to saltwater though if acclimated correctly. Be careful though as some catfish do not do well with salt.

Mike H
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post #13 of 17 Old 06-09-2007, 01:15 PM Thread Starter i was buying the salt the lady in the pet store said that corys didnt like salt that much.i have corys and she said that all of the tanks in petco are brackish water tanks and they had corys, so she said it would be ok.
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no, not all of the tanks in petco are brackish. Most pet stores keep a certain level of aquarium salt in their system (.20) but that does not make them brackish. Remember brackish= larger ammounts of ocean salt and other differences such as pH. Cory's are not brackish fish but they will withstand the normal dosage of aquarium salt ( I think 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons). Petcos often carry brackish fish (puffers, monos, etc) and they may set up one or two tanks as brackish but that is rare. I've worked for 2 major pet store chains in 5 different stores (I won't say which ones because I don't want to endorse or put down certain ones). I do know you have to be very careful with what people tell you in large retail stores though.

Mike H
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ok thanx guys!the mollie was in the hospital tank for a little under 2 days.
i put her in my 10 gal and she was fine.i had 2 leave at 4 in the morning the next day,and i was gone for a week.i thought for sure she would pass away while i was gone because she wasnt in the hospital tank for long,and my neighbor would scoop it out.but when i got back last night,the tank was looking spectacular! and the mollie was just fine.
so now everything is under control for now.
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Mike H
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ummm,this is really sorry to say that she suddenly got really sick and died.I could not figure out what was wrong. i feel like a bad person.
if anybody knows what possibly went wrong i would appreciate it if some one could give me some answers.
the water parementers werenormal,i dont quite remember what they were,but they were all at the safe level.i realise that they are hard fish to take care of,and im a beginner,so i shouldnt have gotten her in the first place. sorry to dissapoint you people who said YAY!
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