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Bizarre problem!!

Ok starters...I have a 10g with a few guppies and a Dwarf Gourami and have had it for about 2 years now. I recently noticed a extreme die off of my guppies. They will be staying near the bottom and next thing I know they croaked. I thought maybe a cleaning and water change. So I did that, changed about 1/3 the water just like usual. That change did not help what so ever. The only thing I can think it may be is the food because right before this problem I had to buy some more flakes. I was previously using Aqueon Tropical Flakes but when I ran out I bought TetraColor tropical flakes which I have used before without issue. With tha being the only change within or outside of the tank that is the only problem I can think of. Any ideas? thanks Paul
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I have had a similar problem lately, and come to think of it I also started using that food. Do your fish fade in color first?

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Can't say they do but the majority of the fish that died were females so there wasn't much color to lose. My Gourami seems to be in alright shape color wise too.
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2 things to consider... How many fish are there? What is your ratio of male to female guppies? The females may simply be worn out from constant chasing and birthing.
Another possibility is the gourami... 2 yrs would make for a mature fish. Dwarf gouramis can be extremely aggressive towards smaller fish both as they age and as they feel crowded due to the growth of the other fish in the tank. When you mention that the guppys tend to stay closer to the bottom, that makes me think they maybe they are being forced out of the territory of the gourami. The food likely had nothing to do with it. I've used both foods for years without ever having a problem, and I have been using it for guppies and breeding guppys, fry etc... I personally prefer the Tetra flakes because the phosphate level is much lower.
Also, have you checked water params? What are the nitrate levels before doing a water change? Ammonia? Nitrite? pH?

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The gourami is very doscile, he could care less if something came and bit him(hypothetically) They could be tired from breeding but I never had a problem the cycle would always continue the fry would age breed die off and again and again. Everyone is getting food. I do not have the nitrate param's.
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I just tested nitrates they are a MAX of 15ppm closer to <10. Let me know what you guys think..the lil guys just keep dying :(
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Nitrates alone won't tell us anything that can offer any help. Ammonia, nitrite, and pH are just as equally important, and its how they match up that tells us more of what's happening in there. If an ammonia spike hits when the fry are born, depending on how high it goes, it can take a very long time to break down to nitrates. Ammonia and nitrite in any amount are toxic, most especially to fry or weak/injured/sick fish. It is very possible that your nitrates come down when you do a water change, then when fry are born, the ammonia spikes, and by the time its broken down to nitrates, you're ready to do another water change... so knowing where you're at all the way across the board on water params is the only way we can try to determine what is happening.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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