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Betta Might have Dropsy...

I have a female betta in a heavily planted 10 gallon tank. temp ranges from 78-84 degrees F. THere are 3 other cherry barbs in the tank along with 2 pygmy cories along with some malaysian trumpet snails along with a african dwarf frog.

anyway... all these lived happily for several months in blissful haromony. Now the betta is a glutton. She eats nonstop. I tried to feed the bottom dwellers, wafer pieces but she swallows them whole!. anyway... she eats eats eats. so for the past month...shes been soooooo fat that her stomach is white! shes a purple color so its obvious....

now i noticed that her scales are slightly outward (like a pinecone). she still seems very active...chasing fish around... killing for food... etc but she does seem to rest at the surface or on leaves more often.

Is this dropsy? or merely fat as can get? im still doing research btw. Ive never had a disease in the tank before and i clean 40% of the water every week.

everyone else is doing great!

Hit me up Baby
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maybe you should quarintine her and let her fast for a few days. it could just be bloating.

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I don't think anything is wrong with her except that she's a little piggy. lol You might want to get a breeder box and put her in it when you feed the rest of the fish in the tank.
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