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Exclamation Betta fish dying with unusual, various symptoms. Help!!

Hello, first off I would like to say I am new here and this is my first post :)
I am in need of some advise concerning my female betta fish. A little over 2 weeks ago I started noticing one of my females spending a lot of time hiding in the tank, this progressed over the next few days to her not coming to eat anymore, to sitting on the bottom of the tank a lot behind decorations and finally after a week her body started to swell. I know dropsy is symptom rather than a disease in itself. Well once it reached this point I removed her from the main tank and put her in an isolation bowl by herself and tried treating her with Epsom salts and the only medication I had available at the time for bacterial infections, Melafix. I did daily water changes and continued to treat her over the course of 5 days but the swelling kept getting worse and she finally died a little over 2 weeks after the onset of symptoms. I had this fish for nearly 3 years and she was a little over three inches long.

Well it's been about a week since all this ended and now 2 of my other bettas in the same tank are starting to exhibit the same symptoms as she started out with. One of them I have had for 2 years and the other for about 3 months. Now at this point I am really starting to get freaked out and concerned I have no idea what to do at this point and am now scared for the health of all my other fish!!

I know the questions will be asked so here is the information on my tank:

It's a 10 gallon half moon tank. 3 months old. Fully cycled. Substrate is white sand and decorations and plants are all artificial.

I have hard water
Ph 8.4
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 5
Alkalinity 120
I test my water once a week and these parameters stay consistent.

I use a table spoon of salt in the tank

It is now housing 5 female bettas, all between 2 and 3 inches long. 2 Ghost shrimp. And 1 African Dwarf Frog.

I use a Fluval U1, altered to a 3 stage filter.

I use a heater, water is kept at 77 degrees.

I vac my sand and do a 30% water change once a week. I use water from our well and always add Prime to any new water added.

I feed once a day. I alternate between Omega One Betta Pellets and Frozen Brine shrimp and Blood Worms.

Please any help will be greatly appreciated by me and my fish
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Sorry to hear that your fish are sick. When you say you use salt, what exactly do you mean? How often have you added it?
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Aquarium salt. I add 1 tbs to my tank for its electrolytes. I have always used it. When I do my partial water change I add back in 1/3 of a tbs to replace what I have taken out.
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