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Ohhhh, thank you. I thought I was crazy!

I think his problem really might be boredom. I interact with him all the time but, I can imagine him getting bored. He's a super-active fish. While trying to determine the cause and treat his recent fin issues, I have made his home more boring by taking out anything he did have because I was afraid of it being the cause.

I have considered a tank-mate, but since I want to stick with a smaller home for Cornelius, I thought it might not be a good idea.

I have not cycled his 3-gallon, yet. I have been trying to read up on whether or not an Eclipse is the right choice (and made another thread about that). I read and read and read and nothing sinks in. I am just not getting it. I think my problem is that I want to make it so perfect that I get myself completely confused and frustrated!

He seems to be a bit better, today. I want to get started getting his new home ready, right away. I plan to put things in to keep him happy and occupied. I only have one day off per week (today/Sunday) and hoped to get to the store or spend time online ordering everything so that I can get started, soon.

Thanks, again!
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I recently read about people floating ping pong balls in their tank. I wonder if floating something smaller than that (I'm assuming you don't have a whole ton of room for it to be floating around) would keep him busy, at least for a while?

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Ooh good idea! He does seem to like pushing stuff with his little fishie "nose." He pushes his new stones around the bottom.
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Cornelius' fins look nasty again, today. *sigh*

He's lost a heck of a lot off the top of his tail.

I don't know what to do.

I really don't want to have to do that thing where you take them out and put stuff on the fins, to treat them. It seems too risky for a novice.

I'm trying the tetracycline.
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Just an update...

He had his second dose of tetracycline.

I bought him new silk plants a fish toy (kind of like a bobber with a tiny blue hanging fish). He's very interested in it. I have also been giving him short bursts of "mirror time," for flaring. He seems to be more content and keeping him occupied may be helping, as he's not been caught nipping at himself in the past day.

I'm seeing a tiny bit of regrowth, but he's not in the clear, yet. The shortness of the top of his tail concerns me.
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i would stop treating him with any meds, since you've all but decided that he's doing this to himself. i would put back his decorations and toys, etc to keep him occupied, and start treating with melafix/pimafix cocktail. these are simple, easy to use, and wont stain your water. melafix will increase fin growth drastically, in my opinion, it has always worked well for me. i would also stop moving him from tank to tank to tank, as this is likely to cause extra stress.

good luck and i hope he gets better!!

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