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Is Bertie sick?

Dear All,
By now most of you probably know Bertie....just a recap:
Bertie my Betta got a new 2.5 gallon tank.We keep his temp around 75 or higher and feed him 5 bio-gold pellets a day.His water is changed every 4-5 days.We recently got him 2 new plants and a cave.
He was doing fine in his old tank, building bubble nests and since we've moved him to the new one...he's been slowing down...he has reduced his diet to about 2 pellets a day and all he does is hang around in his cave or hide in the plants or he goes and skulks in a small alcove between the Heater and the tank wall.....he seems a bit listless and I am extremely worried about him.....please help
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Water params please?

Try turning the temperature up to 80 (gradually), or even down to 72. I noticed this as well with one of my bettas with a new heater - the temperature was actually too hot for him which I was surprised at.
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He's actually been at 75 before and loved it...when you say water parameters, do you mean the pH and stuff...I am going to go get that done tomorrow.
I really hope he gets better soon!
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Yes. pH, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, etc.

Good luck with Bertie.
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Unless you cycled the tank before putting him in, then that's probably the issue. Too much ammonia, you should do a partial water change to get some fresh in there but don't change TOO much because it can slow down the cycle. Liquid test kit, and post params asap.
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Holw old is Bertie?
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wouldn't know there a way to find out?
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