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Beat Up Female convict Action Required

This is a conversation that took place in chat and the MOD thought it should be here. Hope you find it useful.......
Thanks Herefishy!!!
[KevinG]: male convict has beat up the female pretty good......tail is tattered and what appears to be some scales missing up her side.....
****[herefishy]: Yes.
[KevinG]: they are the only fish in a 29 usg tank
****[herefishy]: yes. yes.
[KevinG]: other than the 75 or so fry
****[herefishy]: ok
[KevinG]: she is hiding in the upper corner.....
****[herefishy]: and?
[KevinG]: I gave her a new cave to hide in but she wont use it
****[Lupin]: If the fry are free-swimming, you can raise them by yourself.
[KevinG]: yes yes
[KevinG]: should I move her out or medicate her or what and how long does it take for her to heal up/
****[herefishy]: Pull both of the adults , split them up, and let th female heal up. Feed her highr protein foodsand med the tank.
****[Lupin]: Plenty of water changes will do the trick.
****[herefishy]: Should hav be posted on th forum, though.
[KevinG]: the fry are free swimming X 3 days safe to move them?
[KevinG]: what kind of meds
****[herefishy]: Don't move the fry unless necessary or you don't have tanks large enough to house the adults. Pimafix and Mela fix.
[KevinG]: I will cut and paste this if you wish...
****[herefishy]: About 1-2 weeks if she's not in too bad of shape.
[KevinG]: I dont have the space in the other tanks and I havent seen him munchin on any fry so I think I will move her
****[herefishy]: Sounds good.
[KevinG]: Lots of fish movin in my future
[KevinG]: thanks

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Kevin, you can use Melafix however I prefer water changes as this is cheaper.8)

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