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well the fish you have wouldnt explain algea or bacterial blooms much...though it does seem like a bad mix of fish. You have tropical fish and you have coldwater fish in can't provide an ideal environment for each at the same time. You're betta must be pretty docile if it's leaving the fantail goldfish and anges alone. Live plants will be difficult to keep with silver dollars..they love plants. What kind did you try? You may have better luck with broader, thicker leafed plants like ribbons and swords.

The routine of changing your water only when you see a fish get sick is a horrible offense. Long term exposure to ammonias, nitrites and nitrates can easily kill off fish and you may be unfortunate enough to get a disease that spreads faster than you are ready to handle. Just because fish do not show signs of illness does not mean that the conditions aren't horrible in the tank. Also, nitrates will build up very high without water changes and that can easily cause algea blooms. Do your tank a favor and test your water often to make sure you are not allowing water parameters to get in dangerous ranges.

Undergravel filters wont help much with that and personally I think thy are more hassle than they are worth. You'd be better off putting on another power filter if you want to add filtration.

Mike H
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Ok, thanks. Yea I figured that I needed to change my water changing habits. The betta actually gets along with everyone, he's not aggressive at all, which is nice. My silver dollars are really shy though, it's my goldfish that tear the plants lol. thanks for all the advice!
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lol, yeah goldfish love certain plants. I wanted to get silver dollars but I really think my plants would suffer for it. I put anacharis in there and pretty much every fish had their way with it, lol.

Mike H
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Question algae bloom and tired so many things!

Ok, I started a 20 gal. long filled with untreated well wate, a seeded up to 25 gal. sponge, API Stress Coat & API aquariuim saslt. Sponge on 200 fusion pump for up to 30 gal tanks. Plastic plants and some flat marbles scattered on bottom. Cycled 3 weeks. Took water to one LFS (private owned). Tested PH & Amon. Said was good to go with guppies. Got 3 male fancy & 3 female. Waited 2 weeks got 2 corries. All was going well for a month when I saw some light green algae on glass in one area. Took out 25% for first water change cleaned all glass and bottom. Rinsed sponge in old water. Filled with treated H20 with API stress no salt. Got a bactera bloom. That got corrected but then went into Algae bloom for the past month! Got test kit. PH 8, Nitrite (only had a Red Sea instead of the API and it is hard one to read!) but it showed over 50. Nitrate 0. Amon. .25. So took out 50%, & marbles, cleaned everything but left sponge alone, added gravel and plastic plants. Light is only 17 watt Flour. on 8-10 hours, only very little light from norht windows at an angle from tank. No direct. 2 days algae bloom. I feed very little, none on days I change water. Once a day what they eat in 1 mintue of Tetramin tropical flakes, once a week dried bloodworms. One guppy had babies but they escaped from the breeder tank! Got new one saved 3. So did more water changes about every 2 days. Week ago, also darkened tank, it helped but not good for fry as they need light. One got deformed, stunted and euthenized it. Found well water was very high in nitrates & suspect phopahtes. Was told to change out 8 gallons to spring water. (It had been treated with ultraviolet and ozination). That was Wed. Also 25 year aquariuist at LFS said to put in Nurtrfin and again day after water change. Yesterday still green cloudy, not real bad, fish swimming happily, all active but corries are a little slow but no clamped fins. Parms were: Ph 8.4, Am. .25, nitrites 0, nitrates 5-10. Today, same amount of green cloudy, parms are: Ph 8.2, Am. .25, nitirtes up to .05, nitrates up to 20.

I have Java Moss on order(2 weeks to come) as it is a low light plant and read here that will help. What do I do in the mean time. I bought 6 gallons of distilled to change incase as my well water is not suitable and since I am new, I hit new thread but got a warning the thread at the bottom to submit was old? So please excuse as this is the first time doing this! Thank you...gupgram

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