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australian bows

just got my 2 bows bout a week ago just noticed a little white string like thing hanging from the bottom lip i have read a little bout this and some sites said it was normal and others said it wasnt just wondering what yall think my tank has low nitrate nitrite and ammonia levels this almost looks like a little goatee
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I'm not aware of any rainbow with a white goatee?? I'm in Australia BTW and while I don't have any rainbows atm I just can't recal seeing it.
Which species do you have and can you post a pic of the mouth (and of the species)?
Most rainbow fish need much cleaner water than is often provided/advised (and sometimes quite cool water...subtropical) and they start to look a bit "shabby"....their slime coat degrades if they are not kept in optimal conditions....maybe this has begun....I see it a lot.

Maybe you fish's slime coat is starting to degrade, due to less than optimal water conditions.
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not sure its that i have sensitive skin scaleless fish in the tank and they are doing fine have good clean water i have thirty gallon tank and i change 10 to 15 gallons every week it has disappeared on one of rainbows i dont have a camera right now but it looks like a piece of loose skin and heard this common but still not for sure they all act fine are active and eating and the rest of there body looks good idk i guess if it get worse i would probly want to treat for a fungus or somethin like that?
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Sounds like an exellent maintenance scedule mate. Still I wouldn't advise treating any fish with meds over ensuring the issue is resolved through making sure the water is optimal.

Could you tell me the species? Also what do you have with them?
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im not really sure on the species the pet store just said they were australian rainbows they are mostly silver with a couple of different colored stripes goin down there sides almost a bluesh tint to them also have red fins i have with a firemouth cichlid and striped peacock eel also group of 5 rosboras and the 4 rainbows

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heres a good pic on what they look like

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That's the dwarf neon rainbow fish from New Guinea. They like real warm water 80/82 F...great little fish! They do prefer slightly larger shoals than 4...if you have the space.

Now I believe I have found your problem. I was chatting with the guy in my LFS today (and every other) and he recently recieved some very shabby looking rainbows...slime coat degrading...everything I have already mentioned. So I asked him if it started in the mouth and he said no, but apparently (if you look closely) rainbows have a tiny "hook" on their upper jaw and this gets caught in fine nets and bumped around from time-to-time. He was saying it's only a flesh wound and it will clear up, so long as your water is optimal.
You might do well to add some stresscoat or melafix, but this is not necessary. I guess, just keep an eye on it.

I can claim no credit for this knowlege, you learn something every day! "Hook" on the mouth....who knew!!

Oh and he said only ever use a coarse net to catch rainbows as it is usually fine nets that cause the problem.
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ok cool thanks for the advice man i appreciate it that makes sense kinda wild they have a hook i can notice it now, and thank you for telling me the species great info man.
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