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Any Ideas...

Hi All,

I'm new to this site and really need some advice! I have had my freshwater tank up and running for about 2 years now. I have a mixed community tank, including, 2 x Red Line Barbs, 2 x Silver Dollars, 4 x Cardinals, 2 x Balloon Rams, 3 x Harlequins, 3 x Danios, 2 x King Blue Tetras, 5 x Swordtails, 1 x Siamese Fighter 1 x Golden Loach and a Bristlenose.

The past couple of days, I have had a few deaths, but only Swordtails, all other fish are fine? I have had two older fish, and a couple younger ones, about 6-8 months which had been born in my tank - there are still some remaining...are swordtails prone to any diseases etc, but the stangest thing is it is only the Swordtails, the deaths seem quick as I have not noticed any of the fish looking ill etc.

I'm really baffled!!!

Is anybody able to help to see if I can prevent anymore?

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I have not kept swordtails, so do not know if they are more prone to disease.
Anytime things do not seem right in one of my tanks, I first test the water for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.
If everything checks out fine, I still increase my tank maintenance schedule for a while, with extra water changes.
Sometimes just extra clean water can go a long way. I use medication only as a last resort and not until there are visual signs of disease. The fish not showing any signs, its hard to say what is going on.
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Thanks for the welcome :) I have always kept Swordtails as the care level seems to be pretty easy...supposedly! I'm just confused as to why it's only the swordtails!

I have done my water testing, all is fine.

I will probably bring my water change forward as you have cant hurt!

I think I will pop down my local store and see if they have any ideas! So frustrating!
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be careful with pet stores, mine says since green puffers are brackish you should put aquarium salt(not right, you're suppose to use marine salt). And so many other wrong information.

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Looking in the tank tonight, I think I have noticed the next swordtail I am going to lose. I noticed her laying on the bottom of the tank or resting on plants or the bog wood. I have noticed that she isn't using her fins on her sides (sorry not sure of the correct term!)

would this be a result of anything? Still is only the swordtails affected!

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What is you ph or gh?
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Hmm I have never kept swordtails so I would not know if they are easily affected by diseases, through stress. I know that when a single guppy contracts a disease it spreads like a wildfire. You have to stop the problem before it tumbles out of control. While your fish are eating make sure to pay attention to their behaviors, (as you have been doing) and quarantine the fish when necessary. If it means saving an entire population of fish you may want to invest in a seperate tank.

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Twistersmom is on the right track. I suspect the pH and alkalinity is the primary factor behind the loss of swordtails . Livebearers like swordtails,mollies,guppies,and platy's all prefer hard alkaline water. I believe your water may be too soft or acidic for the swordtails which is evident to me by the fact that the balloon rams are doing well? Over time,biological process in aquariums will tend to create lower pH values through acidification but this takes some time. Fish like rams,would appreciate the soft water and other fish ,with the exception of livebearers would slowly acclimate to this change. As I said, I suspect the water (pH) but until you can provide the reading's for your tank, it is only a guess.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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Hi All,
I did a Ph reading, and it did appear to be a bit low, so I have done a water change and since then all seems to has stabilised out. Which is good news, as we now have a marine tank to look after too!

Thanks for your advice! I'm hoping the water change has done it some good!
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