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Do you have the numbers for your pH, hardness, nitrates. Also need to know what your ammonia and nitrites are, these are what are really bad for the fish. One of the things that I would suggest is getting something like Prime which will detoxify ammonia and nitrite so that it doesn't cause harm or kill your fish. What type of plants did you add? If you have available at your local fish store I would suggest getting some floating plants to put into the aquarium, these are good for taking up ammonia quickly.

Your tank is still very new and your biological filter is just starting, at this time I would suggest holding off on adding any more fish to your tank until you are getting ammonia and nitrite readings of 0. Once this happens you can start adding fish but you will want to take it slow only adding a couple of fish at a time and than waiting so that your biological filter, the nitrifying bacteria, can adjust to the new biological load that is being put into the tank. Have you done any water changes since you have set up your tank and added your fish?
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GH: 180
KH: 240
pH: 8.0
NO2: 0-0.5
NO3: 0-20

I've cycled the water a few times now that the other fish died. Like I said, the Betta and Mickey seem to be kinda messed up, will they heal or is there something I can use? Also, the Betta is being a douche and trying to eat my Cardinal Tetras; can I add other fish to help keep them be safe in a school or something?
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Would read where Romad suggested above regarding beginning a new aquarium . answer's to a few of your question's are there.
Cycling a tank can take six to eight weeks.
You have hard water with pH of 8.0, which means neon's,and cardinal's will not do well for long, for they need soft acidic water which you don't have.(according to what's posted)
If mickey fish you speak of is mickey mouse platy ,then it will do fine in hard water, but it does not appreciate temp's much above 76 degree's F,would be more comfortable at 75 degrees F, And your betta willl be happier at warmer temps 78 to 80 degree's which platy would not appreciate.
Mollies would tolerate the warmer water, and also appreciate hard water but they need larger tank than 10 gallons to help curb aggressive tendencie's, and also to allow proper swimming area/room.
Fishes become stressed in water that does not suit them, and are often more sickly as a result.(pH,GH,Temp are important)
Would advise you to keep fish that will do well with the water you have from the tap with respect to hardness and pH, rather than trying to adjust water to suit the fish(should this cross your mind),,
thing's will be much easier.
If the Betta and or other fishes were or are subjected to ammonia or nitrites for more than a few hour's ,then damage to gills has already occured and nothing will fix it.

Fish may survive with good care ,good diet,weekly water changes.
According to your number's ,,nitrites are still present and I would suggest not adding anymore fishes until ammonia,and nitrites read zero all day,,every day, for a week minimum.
There is well documented reason why most expierienced hobbyist's don't place other fishes with Betta's.
Some of these Betta's will tolerate tank mates but many,many,more won't.
Poor tetra's ,,between unsuitable water chemistry,possibly still cycling tank, and possible attacks by Betta would be under considerable stress, and either or scenario's would be detrimental to their chances of living long.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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So, I haven't had any incidents yet. I quarantined the Betta in a boxed net attached to the tank so he can't attack any of the fish. I've used some Fish Protector stuff and it seems to be helping the Betta and Mickey.

Now, I have a total of the two Cardinal Tetras, Ghost Catfish, Betta, Mickey. I wanted to add a dwarf frog or two, and a snail. But the chick at the pet store said it was too many fish for a ten gallon tank and they could all die. I didn't think adding that small amount would take away from that much oxygen.

Could I possibly add more fish or the frogs and snail without doing any damage?
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