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Question Angle Fish swimming funny?


So i have a question, I just got two full grown angelfish today (i work at petland and they were surrendered yesterday, so my boss let me trade them for my 6 green tiger barbs). I think they might be a breeding pair. Anyway, Off topic, I dropped them in my tank this morning around 12 and they both where doing fine. I toke a nap, went out to eat, came home and now the female is swimming almost crocked.. her activity is fine and shes even more active then the male id say but her swimming crocked has me concerned. The male is fine, doing his own thing. Just worried she's not gonna make it.
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My angels when excited kinda swim on an angle too. Can she orientate herself correctly when she is still? If so, I wouldn't worry too much but provide good food, and clean water.

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@aussieJJDude, yeah. sorta. I came into the room this morning and she was fine. started working on my computer and not 15 mins latter shes swimming on a tilt again. i think she just doesn't like me XD
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If she is doing it directed at you, it could be an aggression thing. My breeding pair of angels did the same to the other fish that where sharing their tank, especially if they got close to the pairs eggs/fry.

540L/140G - 'Tidal Jungle' (Crabs) | 254L/67g - 'Backwater Pool' (Fish/Snails) | 96L/25G - ''Twisted Minds" (Fish/Snails)

I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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When you say swimming crooked, what axis is off? Is the fish swimming nose down, tail down, or tilted to one side?

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@jaysee so I took a picture to explain it, but it has come to my attention that she may be blind in one eye. IDK if she was surrender like this or if it happened latter in my care or even at PL's tanks. Either way i still love her lol. When I noticed her eye i moved her to a quaintee tank and let her be for a few days. Debated on taking her back but my boyfriend has named her and shes officially part of the family. I'll move her back to the main community tank in a week or too given that she doesn't worsen. She still has her eye, its just cloudy... not gunked over.. just cloudy like you'd see in humans or other animals. Her other eye, A okay. lol

P.S. Her names One Eyed Willow... (He was calling her One Eyed Willie but I informed him she was a girl so he changed it to willow.)
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