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Angelfish problem :/

Hello everyone, my angelfish has been found this odd sort of gasping. He has also been hanging around the top of the tank untill today. The fish has been doing this for a few days almost a week. I've been googling hoping to find out an answer, but but i havnt yet sadly. Here's a video of what he/she is doing. thanks to anyone that helps.
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What are your water parameters, and how do you test the water? What temperature do you keep the tank at? What kind of filtration, and what size tank? Any live plants in the tank?

It is hard to give an answer as to what might be affecting your fish without having more information to work with.
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What are your water parameters? What is your water change regimen? What size tank? What are the tank mates?

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parameters are fine checked them two days ago(with liquid drop test kit can't remember the brand) .... the tank is kept at 78 its 55 gallons using Marineland biowheel 350 I think... I and i have aton of hornswort some wisteria, java ferns, and some grass I can't recall the name of either. Tank mates are a pleco, another angel they were booth introduced to the tank at the same time about a year ago. 2 corydoras and that's it all the other fish are fine. I also do a 50% water change a week. I use prime also
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