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I've been thinking about this and cant help but wonder how this fish lived this long without a filter. I'm thinking that there is an undergravel filter in the tank and that's what the air bubbler is about. Take a picture of the setup if you can. If so, that is enough of a filter as long as you don't remove the rocks and wash them which it sounds like you may have done after rereading the posts. If that is the case, then it will eventually recover but will need allot (daily) of water changes while waiting out the cycle.

If you already have an undergravel filter in place, you can probably take back the extra filter you just bought and spend your money on something like a couple of buckets and maybe an extra heater to preheat the water in the bucket so that you can do up to a 100% water change easily.

I can't stress enough how desperately your fish needs new water with no ammonia in it. It will be the best medicine that you can give him right now. In fact, I'd just try to get a bucket of water that is the same temp as the tank water and just put him in it with an airstone while you work on draining your tank and putting new water in it. Right now if you can. 10ppm of ammonia is extremely high.

To help determine if you have an undergravel filter, is there a plastic frame under your gravel? If so, does it have a clear plastic tube coming up from it with the bubble stone inside there? If so then that is an undergravel filter system. Your gravel is the filter media that the bacteria grows on and the bubbles aerate the water and also cause it to flow like a weak water pump down thru the gravel and up the plastic tube.

Youtube videos will show you how to vacuum your gravel and such while siphoning water out.

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I've just put him in a spare tank with a spare heater in the
same temp as his water and then cleaned his water out
he's in his main tank now and I've just done a test
And his ammonia is now at 0 . Yes I have an
Undergravel filter I think from what you have told
me. And I did have a external filter
until a couple of months ago like the
person suggested before that hangs on the back.
The only thing I'm struggling with is
if the ammonia is to high how do I bring it back down?
Also I'm struggling on how to clean him out/water change
without stressing him out.
I will try to post a picture now.
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If the ammonia is too high, the only thing that will bring it down is a water change. The ammonia comes from the fishes waist and from rotting food that didn't get eaten. Now the main thing is to not stress him when changing the water. Getting the temps within 1 or 2 degrees will be important so that he doesn't stress over a temp change. Probably the easiest thing is to siphon it down until the fish has just enough water to remain upright, then add the new water back in. That way you won't have to catch him each time which would stress you both out too much. Always use the appropriate amount of dechlorinator in your new water. You could also say change half the water in the morning and half in the evening to keep from having to lower the level so much. I'd change as much as possible each time you do it since the tank is pretty small. Make sure he always has plenty of oxygen since his gills will likely have been damaged from the ammonia. Also I saw where you had used methylene blue. It's really good stuff, but it will kill all the beneficial bacteria in your tank so you'll need to get it all out in order to get your bacteria growing again. Never forget to dechlorinate your water before putting the fish in it.
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I didn't mean to put 10 for the ammonia I meant to put 1.0, now I've cleaned him its 0.
The manage attatchments thing isn't hear.
Just feel like I'm taking one step forward 10 steps back
Thankyou thought
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1 ppm is plenty bad enough on its own. You want to keep it as close to zero as you can get it. Same goes for the nitrItes when they start showing up next week. Daily water changes are your destiny for about a month.
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Okay how much % should I take out and replace daily?
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At least enough that ammonia doesn't increase from day to day. Maybe 25 to 50% twice per day. Really, no amount of ammonia is truly safe. You can use supplements like amquel to "lock up" ammonia and nitrites for 24 hours at a time, but you should still provide as much fresh water as you can each day thru water changes. How is the fish doing so far?
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Okay ill do that then.
And he seems to go from being completely fine to darting around still and his bellys still bloated. He didn't rub on the air pump all day today until about an hour ago. Right now he's just going up and doing the tank with his nose up against the glass swerving his tall to swin round
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Okay, I'm going to chime in. First of all a 5 gal is ridiculously small for an Angelfish. Call your fish store and ask them if they have a secluded tank they would keep him in to save his life? When and if he survives, let them find another home. Some do have quarentine tanks that they may be willing to put him in. I'm not saying you should get him back, this is just a thought to save him now.

When you get yourself more aware of what is needed, do some learning on this site, than you can go out and look for a fish or more that will suit your set up. My opinion.

I figured your ammonia couldn't have been 10, or he'd be dead. Angelfish are not for beginners.


Just because animals can't talk, does not mean they should not be heard
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"let them find another home", yeah that's really gonna happen. The fish probably wouldn't survive the car trip and I seriously doubt the LFS is going to spend one dime on treating it.

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