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Originally Posted by Agent13 View Post
oh.. just looked at the video and now I know this is what I had with one of my angels!. For some reason I forgot we even went through that because it was so soon after getting him and so long ago. He didn't use that one fin for a while during the issue. It was most likely lymphocystis on mine. He had a full recovery and all I did was keep the water super over the top paranoid clean lol. It took a while..can't really recall how long but went way. I was very thankful to slow back on the rediculous water changes after that and probably mentally blocked it out because it was a lot of work to keep the water clean as I decided not to QT mine because My house was already full of 3 qt tanks with new cichlids n didn't want to start another. Long story short. My angel is fine and now much bigger and from what I can tell he is the peace keeping angel I have. Only after effects obsessing over the water quality of that tank (BTW it was always perfect water quality..just for some reason the sickness made be obsess on that )
Thanks Agent!! That makes me feel better :)

So the lights JUST came on in the 75 and his fin already has the white pimply spots going away and he is using it more. I haven't treated the water or anything yet....

I'm considering keeping a close eye on him over the next few days and if it keeps getting better I'm just going to leave him in there so I don't create any unnecessary stress. He's eating and swimming fine. I'm going to do a small water change just to make sure the water is good because the nitrate is a little higher than my tap water so that will help him feel better.

I'll keep everyone posted and I'll have a picture of it up soon so you can see it better. I want to let them eat real quick though so he can feel comfortable (I don't want to bug him)
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Here is a quick update from YouTube I did on the angel. He looks much better today:
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Saw your video.... it does look better and it's using it more too. A very good sign. yeah!!

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Termato (07-25-2013)
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Happy to hear that he is doing better, and looks like he is improving from the video.
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Termato (07-25-2013)
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Ahhh, good, good news, Termie!!! Been a few days, hoping he's back to his old self now?
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yay! Does look better. He will be good as new soon.
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Termato (07-28-2013)
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It's almost all gone! :)

Once he is healed up for 2-3 weeks time I am going to set up the 29 and get the two angels in there to let them breed. They have been trying for so long and I want to reward them :)
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YAY!!! I'm so excited for this!!! You're right - those two have been DETERMINED!!! Glad to hear that things are going well. :D
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