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I would still use a water conditioner, even with using that RO water.
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DMoney45 (12-14-2011)
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Thanks to all that have replied! Hopefully I have gained some knowledge, and have some insight due to this tragedy. Just to update, I let the tank sit for three days, went and purchased some neon tetras, two weeks later, they are all happy and healthy. Based on what everyone has said here, and watching my heater operate. I have come to the conclusion, it was misunderstanding of how heaters cycle, or at least the one I have. I think the cause is, I just raised the water temperature too fast. Again, thanks to all who replied.
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I agree with using a water conditioner regardless.
I wonder, though... Could the problem have been that the tank was heavily stocked, but at the lower temp their metabolism was slow. Then, when you added the heater, the higher temp sped up their metabolism thereby making them produce more waste which, in turn, produced a strain on the biofiltration and caused a lethal ammonia spike? That's my theory, anyway.
Ultimately, I suppose there's no way to know now.
In any case, I wish you the best of luck with your new fish, and I hope you enjoy your new 55g when it comes! Good luck!

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DMoney45 (12-15-2011)
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I agree with MinaMinaMina- your tank was pretty overstocked. To be honest, I have a 10 gallon sitting right next to me here and I can't imagine all those fish in it! Actually, I can, and it's way too many. As you're restocking, you're probably going to want to be careful to not overload anything.

Just FYI, good bacteria does not float around in the water; it's either in the gravel or the filter. I mean, I guess there could be some in the water, but not enough to make a difference. I didn't notice if you've gotten a test kit yet, but at my Petsmart they're like $32 and on they're $23... Petsmart will probably rip you off on everything.

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