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Added fungus remover to 10g, No results?!?

I've got a 10g with 5 platies in it. The amonia was at 0, nitrites slightly elevated as well as nitrates, but not bad. Had at least 1 pregnant platie and gave birth stillborn. The other look very large and round but I can't see a gravid spot and they are yellow. They are rounder and more bloated looking than what the pregnant was when she gave birth. I added a fungus remover after a water change on tuesday. It said it was for swim bladder, dropsy, eye fungus, fin rot, greying/reddening of fins etc. Added the appropriate amount for 10g. The water still has a yellow hue, but the fish are still very round. Feeding once a day tetramin tropical flakes, and occasionally freeze dried blood worms. Was feeding strictly the blood worms until I realized this could be causing problem so I stopped. Any input would be helpful. I don't know if there really sick, maybe they really are pregnant(although they've been that size for good couple weeks, maybe 3) or if there just really round fish. Help!!! Thanks!
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Sounds more like being over fed. Not that I think the medicine you gave is going to do anything in the current situation anyhow... did you by chance at least take the carbon out of your filter.
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I am unable to get the carbon on out the filter. Not sure what type of filter I have but their the cartridges that attach to the back of tank with airline tubing to an airpump. Really haven't been feeding them a lot of food either. They get fed maybe two pinches once a day.
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I agree with ladayen and the use of the medication probably won't do anything at all, except perhaps add further stress to the platies. I wouldn't recommend the use of meds. until you are sure what the illness is as they could just make matters worse. I don't see how a fungus remover helps with swim bladder/dropsy.

I noticed you said in an older thread that your tanks were cycled, but it doesn't sound like it (also noticed you are having similar higher readings in your 29g tank), If you are sure that the tanks were cycled, something is wrong and perhaps the cycle stalled for some reason, lost too much of the nitrifying bact., you are overfeeding, your filtration isn't sufficient or you need to revise your tank maintenance/water change schedule.

I would start by doing partial water changes daily to keep the nitrites/nitrates in check and syphon the gravel weekly.

If the bloating is related to pregnancy, Livebearers can hold onto fry until conditions are favourable, if the other platies fry were still-born, it could be due to water quality and/or stress.

Unless they have parasites, I think a lot may have to do with their diet and I would stop feeding the freeze-dried worms altogher for a while. Stop feeding for a day or two and after that only feed them once a day. Try to make sure they get a more varied diet, vegetable matter and include frozen baby brine shrimp and spriulina (either flakes or pellets), both those are also good for constipation and feeding a deshelled pea (cut up or squished) now and then is very beneficial for them.

If you can't take the carbon out, if it is a HOB filter with a cartridge that has the carbon encased in a grid behind the sponge, you can cut the little grid panels and remove the carbon that way (that is what I did in the past), or you can remove the cartridge altogher and replace it with some media sponge/floss, you can buy sheets/pads of it and cut it to size.
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