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2 fish have acted lethargic and didnt eat resulting in death

ok so i have a 55 gallon thats been set up for a year. the current stock is
4-quarter sized angels
8-cherry barbs
8-juvenile eastern mountain swordtails
1-syno petricola
1-bristlenose pleco
a lot is being moved around so do not put any comments about stocking. all fish are juveniles except the cherry barbs and ram. params are 0-ammo, 0-nitrite, 10-nitrate. filteration is 1 tetra 30-60 and one aquatech 30-60. 75%+ water changes weekly. moderately planted. i put my hand in the tank today and it felt colder than it should be. i plan on getting the temp tommorrow (forgot) so the problem is ive had 2 deaths in the past week. i quarentine all fish so it cant be from any new fish. what has happened is he fish begin to act weak and lethargic and dont eat much if any then they slowely starve and at the end they can barely swim. so far ive lost a beautiful angel and a beautiful gold ram. the angel died while i was gone on vacation a week ago and the ram died a few days ago. so heres a break down of it all
-cant be from new fish, all mine are quarentine for atleast 2 weeks but for this tank fish were quarentined for a month or more.
-cant be from bad paramaters (theyre perfect)
-could be from temp swings. my rooms ac isnt working properly so the temp of the tank could be changing plus the heater didnt even feel like it was working today.
well thats all i can think of at the moment.
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