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125g w/clown loaches in trouble

i am hoping i'm not in for a horrible parasite problem.
this tank has been up and running for six or seven years, and after fighting ich for over six months early on, it has been very clean. no deaths or outbreaks of any type except for an occasional fish dying from getting stuck, or an injury.
the tank has had several african cichlids in it, but those are gone.
what is left are my wonderful group of 5 clown loaches, 3 yoyo loaches, one big fire eel, a couple small african cats, and a big group of bristlenose.
i removed the cichlids with the intention of adding discus and plants.
i started with 7 discus, and i did quarantine them for about 3 weeks with no issues at all. i also gave them a mild copersafe treatment.
i recently added these discus and some plants. the plants were a packaged petsmart brand, labeled as pest free.
so after a couple days, i notice a dead discus... oh my oh no, not in my loach tank!
there were no signs that i recall.
i left it alone and decided to keep watch. after about two more days, one of my african cats turned up dead.
i have seen this before kill many fish before stopping it with treatment.
but my issue is how do you treat a 125g tank?
and what is safe for scaleless fish... fire eel, loaches and cats are all scaleless.
i am really hoping this goes away, but i fear and expect another death it a couple days.
i know discus ideally should be in a different setup, but that is beside the issue at hand.
is coppersafe in a minor dose okay for scaleless fish?
anyone please help asap!!
thanks, allen
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It might be okay in small dosage, like half strength. Im not really sure, Ive never had to deal with disease or parasites, even when putting WC fish with captive bred.
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