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Sounds like a cool idea to me!
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We just have to remember we have 10 year olds on the Forum. So it would have to be an "opt in" type of idea. We can't be showing people where the kids are.
Having said that, I like the idea of being able to trade, share, donate or sell to adults in my area.

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Could it be an 18 or older thing/?
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Originally Posted by Jakiebabie View Post
I like the idea of being able to trade, share, donate or sell to adults in my area.
Or even talk to adults in my area....

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Could also help with the country side of things outside of the U.S and Canada, I dont really have an idea who is in the UK for instance!
3 main sticky sections, U.S, Canada, Oversees would help, then can have sub sections for instance we have north south east west and midlands, that would be the only imformation we would need to know
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I like the 'thread for each state' idea.

Members could just post something along the lines of "Hey I live in 'so and so area' (optional) of 'so and so state'" and then perhaps what they're looking for/sometimes have for sale/donation.
I know there's the classified section but I know I personally only like to buy things that are either in-state or at the very least on the same side of the country as me. I get nervous buying things that have to be shipped a long distance.
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Let's get this done! Seems to be going over well...don't forget about me...I'll be accepting free plants for the sweet idea...wink..wink..
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I'm interested but a bit of feedback may help. A week or so ago, I put a Classified out seeking contacts in my area in No. Central Florida and received one response from a person 80+ miles away. I suspect your option will work best for those members in large population areas. Good Luck!
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This is a great idea! I agree that it would have to be an "opt in" option... Not everyone wants that info public. But it certainly has a lot of potential and advantages... I have a few people within driving distance that I have found through this forum and it has been beyond awesome for me... Lol.

A sub-forum for each state won't exactly help Canadians (or NZ or UK, etc).
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Just figured I try it out..I live in the eastern PA-central NJ area. Is there anybody in my area that would be willing to sell/trade plants or supplies?
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