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Update 8/14/13

So I think the one problem I always encounter is that I have a ton of animals in my house (two dogs, two cats, two cockatiels and two fish tanks) and that results in a lot of dander. This time of year is especially bad, the animals are all shedding. This results in a small GHA spike, and the need to constantly blow off the rocks with the powerheads. I am going to build a canopy for this tank to keep the dander out...


My favorite fish in the tank, the Tiger Goby being sociable:

A friend of mine was breaking down his tank and I adopted his lone clown:

and Neon Dottyback:

The Dottyback and the Tiger Goby posing:

A better pic of the Dottyback (he is a quick one. This is like the 60th picture I took...):

Another shot at the Dottyback:

I am going to get a few more snails and crabs this weekend to hopefully trim down the GHA problem while I am building my canopy. I might also pick up another piece of Live Rock, because I cannot for the life of me produce any coraline algae. My calcium and Alkalinity are perfect right now (400 ppm and 9 dKH. respectively), maybe it's the light? I am looking to go back to T5HO's, maybe a 4-bulb fixture. I am not really digging this LED light I own...
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Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
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Reference Team
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Your fish selection is awesome.Asides from the clown you have some not too common tank mates.I can dig it.I hear you on trying to snap a pic of psedocromis,its so hard.Sometimes the coraline wont really start chugging along until you have a decent starter colony. I like to get a small piece just coated in purple algae and smash it up,then place it around the tank to seed it faster.Also some times there are things making it difficult for the calcerous algaes to get a foot hold such as nuisance algaes. If you don't have s decent local pet store,and you want I can send you a nice piece of rock for free.I also have tons of macro algaes wich can help compete against the undesirable algae for excess nutrients.
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Looking over your shoulder at the salty side is like staring at another planet to me. . .
I was already half-mad for freshish gobies, lol. This little guy has me swooning, and your Dottyback! ^_^ Of course, Gio IS right! Gotta have a nemofish, still.

Hope you get everything worked out with the GHA spikes, animal dander (know that problem well!), and the canopy built. Excited to see your fix this time. Think it's so neat that you just. . . BUILD things like that! Come visit one day, I need a tank stand!

OOH! And please? It's *almost* The Weekend! If you DO get crabs this weekend *giggle* and snails, please don't forget to show! <3
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UPDATE!!? Please??!
Didn't this tank just get moved into yet another tank?
. . . or have I gotten myself confused ?
How's it going in there! I NEED to know!
*misses Wake's pretty tank*
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Originally Posted by wake49 View Post
The essentials have arrived!

The Base Rock: 40 lbs
Attachment 63137

The Live Sand: 40 lbs
Attachment 63139

And powerhead, heater and stick-on thermometer (I still have a digital coralife I plan on using)
Attachment 63138

Now just four more hours til I leave work... Then my son and I can set it up! He keeps looking at his freshwater tank saying, "Nemo?" He's a funny little two year-old. Loves his fish!
My 2 year old cause our black false perc "emo" which i feel is very fitting lol
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Need to rename this thread. I upgraded to a 30 long.

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Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
My son's 20 gallon FW Community
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Chesh (01-21-2014)
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Here is a pic I took a couple of weeks ago. I tried uploading a pic last night on the mobile app, but it didn't work:


I have a bicolor Psuedochromis in there right now (you can't see him in this pic) and I had two Bangaii Cardinals. The cardinals must have been wild-caught, because I could not get them to eat and they eventually perished. All the inhabitants from the twenty seemed to have perished, they weren't around when I made the transition to the 30. I had a dottyback that was picking on everyone in the tank, so I think he was the culprit...

I will try to get a good pic tonight with the bicolor and the coraline growth I am getting!
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Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
My son's 20 gallon FW Community
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well i'd like to say i'm subscribing so i can sit back and watch
your tank grow along side…however there is a chance i won't be back coz
i'm not getting notifications right now
but it's coming along nicely.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Every time I get a chance to pop onto this thread, I SWEAR the tank itself has grown ~.^

Is the bicolor Psuedochromis. . .a dottyback? The same one that was bullying the others? That was a neon dottyback?! *ishconfused*
I would love it if you managed to snag us a couple of shots to share! I (obviously) don't know much about saltwater or reef tanks, but I DO know pretty fish when I see them, and I love to swoon!
So. . . what's the next step? (don't say another upgrade!*giggles*)

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Reference Team
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There is a funny saying that I heard long ago and it goes...

When disaster strikes "Upgrade"

Don't take it the wrong way,some times it just makes sense,I speak from personal experience. Thats why its funny.
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